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The Front Porch Pumpkin Patch

Fall has finally arrived, and hot on its heels will be the little ghosts and ghouls that come knocking on your Knotty Alder Rustic Exterior Doors for treats and looking for a friendly scare. You don’t want to be the recipient of any tricks this year, so it’s best to make sure that your front porch is ready for the Halloween revelers. But don’t worry, you’ve still got time. Here are a few excellent ways to turn your front porch into the most epic pumpkin patch on the block.

1. The Farm Fresh Porch

This look is reminiscent of yesteryear, when farm fields were filled with bundled corn stalks and bales of hay. If you have an old ladder, rustic urns and access to some decorative grasses, you’ll have a doorstep that others will envy.


2. Festival Fall Porch

This look will appeal to anyone who has one of Krosswood gorgeous “Surfer” blue doors. This fab color isn’t just for your beach cottage, it pairs beautifully with pumpkin orange, leaf green, and chrysanthemum yellow. This fun look is sure to make you happy anytime you come home.


3. Light It Up

Porch lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Every year more houses on the block are sporting twinkling lights for Halloween and Thanksgiving as well. Here is a porch décor that will let you easily transition from leaves and pumpkins to evergreen boughs and yule logs when the season changes.


4. Go a Little Batty

This porch design is clever and simple, both a plus for busy families. You can keep your decorations down to just a pumpkin or two and add as many bats as you want to your door and walls to give the illusion that your guests are going to be walking right through a colony of bats.


5. A Tangled Web

This porch decoration will have your arachnophobic neighbors staying away until after Halloween. With just a little thin rope and an inexpensive fake spider you’ll have a spooky entrance that the kids are sure to love.


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