Warranty Policy

An adequate overhang is very critical to the life and performance of a wood stile and rail door. A proper overhang will help protect your door from the elements and extend the life of the door. In all climate conditions, the following formula can be used to determine the appropriate amount of overhang: X=1/2Y (where X is the length of the overhang required and Y is the distance from the bottom of the door to the base of the overhang.) For example, if the measurement from the bottom of the door to the base of the overhang is 8 feet, then the required overhang is 4 feet in all directions. 




X=length of the overhang required

Y=distance from the bottom of the door to the base of the overhang.


Limited Warranty

What is covered? The Krosswood Doors limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship of doors, with the exceptions listed HERE.

How long coverage lasts

This limited warranty is NOT TRANSFERRABLE and runs for one year from the date of initial purchase from Krosswood Doors by the initial wholesaler, distributor or another purchaser.



What is not covered?

The following shall not be considered defects in materials or workmanship under any circumstances and are not covered by this limited warranty:

Damage resulting from attempts to repair doors by persons other than Krosswood Doors.

Knot size, shape or placement or any natural variation in color or texture of the wood.

Rustic alder surface knots which are less than 1/8” in width and 5” long.

Variation in thickness, width, or length less than the industry standards.

Knife indentation or surface marks which do not impair the dimensional integrity of the door.

Damage caused by or resulting from improper machining by the pre-hanger not done by Krosswood.

Warping of any door, not exceeding 1/4” in plane of the door itself.

Problems due to misuse of or abuse to the door.

Damage as a result of any cause beyond Krosswood Doors control (e.g. fire, flood, earthquake, other acts of nature, or acts of third parties outside Krosswood Doors control, including, without limitation, shipping companies).

Problems related to improper finishing of all stains. These sides include: front, back, top edge, bottom edge, left side and right side of the door.

Door must be finished on all six sides within two weeks of delivery, if this is not done this will void the Krosswood warranty. 

Variation or unsatisfactory results in sheen or texture resulting from the field application of paint, stain or lacquer or any other finishing material or damage caused by extreme temperature.

Expansion or contraction of the door or other changes in form due to environmental conditions, including, without limitation, changes in moisture, temperature and humidity.

Panel shrinkage or misalignment, including, without limitation, the appearance of unstained lines along the edge of a panel (may be caused by fluctuations or differences in temperature or humidity).

Bowing or misalignment in the frame or jamb in which the door panel is hung, or problems related to water and/or air infiltration due to improper assembly or installation.

Improper installation of hardware.

Discoloration or rusting caused by decorative metal accent options (such as grilles, clavos, straps, etc.) or hardware or inserts (such as lock sets, door handles, strikes, etc.).

Installation of an interior door in an exterior application.

Door must be finished on all six sides.

Door installation before mudding and taping is dried and complete.

Failure to install an exterior door under an adequate overhang or with adequate protection from the elements. (SEE LAST PAGE FOR DIAGRAM) Adequate overhang means a minimum overhang in ALL DIRECTIONS projecting a distance from the structure equal to one-half the distance between the bottom of the door and the bottom of the overhang at the point which is farthest from the door. South and southwest facing exterior doors void the warranty.

Failure to report problems with  glass before a door is Installed or finished.

Krosswood Doors is not responsible for any problems related to glass installed in a Krosswood door by a distributor or other door shop or any Krosswood door with problems resulting from improperly installed glass. These problems include, but are not limited to, glazing, waterproofing of glass and accompanying door cracks, blemishes, moisture in the glass, or any injury caused by or related to glass in a door.

Acceptable characteristics include variations in color, stain, wood grain, grain appearance, unlimited tight knots and unlimited worm holes. These variations in the product are completely normal and are not covered by this limited warranty.

Modifying a Krosswood door will void this limited warranty. Improper modifications include, but are not limited to, excessive trimming, removing panels, v-grooving damage (v-grooves in excess of 3/8″ wide and 3/16″ deep), and distressing damage. Allowable trimming on a Krosswood door is ½” from the sides of the door and the top of the door and 1” from the bottom of the door.

Failure to report to Krosswood Doors any visible defect or mistake in shipment more than 24 hours after receipt.