Getting Started

Step 1: Select Your Doors

Explore our wide variety of door options to find the door style that matches your home’s personality. You can begin by choosing your door style

If you are seeking an Exterior or Entry Door, you can begin with:

Exterior Doors

If you are seeking new Interior Doors, you can begin with:

Interior Doors

Step 2: Measure For Your Doors

Whether remodeling or building a new home finding the perfect fit is simple and quick. There are only 3 measurements and a couple of notes needed for each door. Rough opening height, width, wall (jamb) width, the swing or handing of the door and the door type (single, double, etc).

Basic tools needed for measuring are a

tape measure


notepad and stool or small ladder. Click here for simple measurement directions and to download an easy-to-complete form to record your measurements.



Step 3: Build Your Custom Doors Online

Design your doors to match the beauty and creative style of your home. Krosswood offers a virtual tool to customize each door online before buying. Beginning with the door style, you then get to choose from a selection of stains, glaze, distressing, custom hardware and more to create the perfect door.

Whether you are looking for old world rustic beauty or a modern contemporary elegant design — we have your door.