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Change out your boring bi-fold closet doors for contemporary French doors


Sometimes all it takes is a simple door update to make an interior room look fresh and modern. Changing your old bi-fold doors into French doors takes a few hours and several hundred dollars. It’s a novice renovation that you can probably do yourself with some patience and a friend to help you with some lifting.

French doors come in many widths and styles. The style can vary between full glass, paned glass or no glass, and the wood can be any type, including MDF and alder french doors. They usually come standard in either stained wood or white, but you can paint the MDF to match anything in your home.

French doors take more room when open, so check before starting this renovation to ensure that you have enough space for the doors to open.


Supplies needed: 

2 french doors - measure to fit the opening The opening should be about 2 inches bigger than the combined door size to leave room for the hinges.

6 door hinges

Double magnetic catch

Door hardware


Tape measure



Here is step by step instructions for a basic bi-fold to french door renovation.

Step 1

Remove the old bi-fold doors, including all hardware. You won’t need any of it going forward. Don’t forget the top and bottom tracks, or the bottom screw that keeps the door attached to the floor.

Step 2

Measure where you are going to put the hinges on your new french doors and pre-drill the holes. Ensure it’s the same on both doors. It’s a good idea to measure twice to make sure you are drilling where you want to.

Step 3

Attach the hinges to both doors.

Step 4

Attach the magnetic catch to the top of the door frame in the middle.

Step 5

With two people, attach the doors to the frame, ensuring that the doors are high enough to touch the magnetic catch. If there is too much of a gap between the bottom of the doors and the floor, you can add a piece of wood trim in the same color to fill the gap.

Step 5

Attach the magnets to the top of each door. Ensure the placement of the top and bottom magnets by measuring to ensure there is not too much or not enough space.

Step 6

Make sure the doors close - if there’s not enough space in between each door, you may have to sand the inside of the door to make room.

Step 7

Attach the hardware. The most common hardware for French doors is handle sets, but you can choose whatever you want.

That’s it! You now have a set of contemporary french doors for any room in your house. You can get many of the supplies here and here

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