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Mobility Increased by Wide Width Custom Doors

For years, interior designers and architects have made blueprints calling for 28″ custom doors. These doors, while saving wall space, have been the bane of many a homeowner. They aren’t wide enough for large pieces of furniture, they can impede the flow of traffic in a home, and can severely limit the mobility of handicapped homeowners. Krosswood offers a wide range of door sizes, including some as narrow as 18″, to be used as closet and pantry doors, but for ease of mobility in a home, we suggest our 36″ interior doors.


Why 36 Inches?

36 inches is as wide as your front door; why would you want an interior door that wide? Homeowners are increasingly building their homes with multi-generational living in mind. This means they are anticipating caring for an aging parent, plan on having children and grandchildren stay for extended periods, and they are thinking of their own retirement as they make their floor plan.

Wheelchair Accessible

36-inch doors are the wisest choice for Universal Design, a concept that allows for all level of mobility and ability to function inside a home. A 36-inch door will accommodate a wheelchair, both electric and traditional, to pass through it without pinching fingers or bumping into the jamb.

Furniture Friendly

Another thing to consider is the way we use our homes. A generation ago not many people were trying to fit sofas into their bedrooms, but our modern sense of space and usage is seeing a mix of space purposes. Many homeowners want a loveseat or sofa in their bedroom, but their doors may be too narrow to allow it to pass through. Going with a 36-inch door allows for one space to be used for multiple purposes. Some bedroom doors of the past have been so narrow that homeowners couldn’t have a King or Queen sized bed to sleep in. With wider doors your sleeping comfort doesn’t have to be determined by your door width.

Traffic Flow

Wider doorways make it easier for family to move in and out of personal and family space, with less collisions and fewer bumped elbows. This is of particular importance for families with several children, grandchildren, or young friends. Wider doorways are also more inviting. This wider appearance can give your home a larger feel on the inside.

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