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How to Organize Your Kitchen Cupboards

Organization is one of the most important elements of home ownership. But it isn’t always easy. And, one of the most important areas of the home to keep organized, the kitchen, suffers from a daily dose of high-usage. Dishes, cooking, homework, study, all those tasks occur daily and can lead a homeowner to feeling overwhelmed and disorganizes. But there are ways to create organized space in your Krosswood Shaker cabinets that allows you to minimize the mess and the stress of daily kitchen traffic.

#1 Chalkboard Cabinets

This is the perfect idea for a family with young children or anyone else who struggles to know exactly where something goes. With chalkboard paint and just a few notes, your family will never need to wonder again which cupboard the bowls go in.


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#2 The Kitchen Brain

Do you ever feel that there’s so much information that you must keep at your fingertips but don’t want to always have in your brain? Keep it in a kitchen “brain” instead. This project will give you a way to organize household, home business, and family information in one easy, handy location.


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#3 Spice on the Door

This is one of those life hack ideas that make you wonder why you never thought of it before. Just attach several wall mop holders to the inside of a cupboard door and your spices have somewhere to go without taking up precious cabinet space.


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#4 Go Vertical

Stacks of anything in a kitchen usually lead to unused cookware or piles tumbling over inside their cabinets. Using separators to create vertical storage makes it easier to get to the tool you need for the job.


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#5 Magazine Rack Can Storage

There are expensive can storage solutions available for purchase, but these magazine racks are a cheap and easy way to keep soups, fruits, and vegetables from falling over or getting too old at the back of a cupboard.


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