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keep your home cool this summer

Is Your House Staying Cool This Summer?

It’s the dog days of summer, and for many of us, the air conditioning isn’t strong enough to keep up with the relentless heat---if you are lucky enough to have air conditioning! Here are some tips to keep your home cool in the summer.

These tips will also help you save on energy costs, even if you have air conditioning. It’s expensive to run your air conditioning all day, every day, and using some of these tips will pay off with lower cooling costs.

keep your home cool this summer

Keep Your Blinds and Curtains Closed During the Day

The most energy efficient way to keep your home cool is to keep the heat out in the first place. Heat will come in through any uncovered surface, so make sure you cover all of your windows with blinds or heavy curtains. The windows facing west and south get the most sunlight, so if you have to choose, pick those windows to cover.

Open Your Windows In the Evening

As the temperature drops in the evening, open up your windows to let fresh air into your home. Not only will it provide some cooler air, but it will also bring in fresh air. You can keep your home cool by letting in the cooler evening air, but make sure you use screens to keep the bugs out!

Delay Using Your Oven Until Later in the Evening

Internal heat can make an already warm house feel even hotter. Your oven cooks your food, but it also heats the kitchen. Use a crock pot, barbecue, or toaster oven in order to keep the heating to a minimum. Use your oven later in the day when you can open up a window to let in some cooler air.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans provide necessary ventilation in your house by moving the air around. A ceiling fan can cool a room by several degrees while making also making it feel cooler due to the air circulation.

Use a Portable Fan

Even the smallest portable fan will give you some relief from the relentless heat. Even the smallest fan that moves the air 1mph will make you feel several degrees cooler.

Ensure Windows and Doors Seal Properly

Cooling is only a benefit if it doesn’t all escape into the atmosphere. Poorly sealed windows and doors can result in energy loss of up to 30%, so it’s vital you have proper seals on your windows and doors. If you need a new,  properly sealed door, we can help!

Keep doors closed, especially during the hottest part of the day in order to keep the cooler air inside.

Plant Shady Trees Near South and West Facing Windows

Especially in the west and south sides of your house. Large trees can provide shade that cools the air 3-6 degrees, so it might be worth investing in a few larger deciduous trees.

Install Awnings

Awnings installed over your windows can stop the midday sun from heating up your home.

Reduce Humidity

Activities such as running a dishwasher or washing machine can cause higher humidity, which makes your home feel hotter. Try to run the machines during the cooler evening times in order to keep the air less humid.

Insulate your Attic

Insulated attics not only save on heating costs in the winter but also on cooling costs in the summer. Adding 12-inch insulation can decrease heating and cooling costs by up to 10%.

Share Your Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Have we missed any of your tips you use to keep your home cool in the summer? Leave a comment with your favorite tricks to stay cool.

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