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15 Reasons to Install Deep Kitchen Drawers

Deep drawers in your kitchen cabinets. They can be either friend or foe depending on which homeowner you speak with. They can either hold everything or provide a space to lose items. If you’ve been looking at the Shaker style cabinetry on, you’ll have seen their base cabinets with deep drawers or cabinet doors. Every home chef will have their preference for organizing their kitchen workspace. For those of you considering deep drawers for your kitchen, here are 20 reasons why they are a fabulous option.


#1 There’s room for all your cookware. It’s often hard to find the correct pan when it’s hiding at the back of a cupboard, but easy as pie to find in a drawer.

#2 Everything fits! Some storage spaces are so small that items must be stored sideways, but deep drawers are tall enough for many bottles, boxes, bowls, et.

#3 Drawers contain the mess. Sometimes stacks of bowls or plates can come crashing down in a cabinet, but with drawers, the box shape can help support your stacks.

#4 Drawers can easily be separated into smaller storage areas with separators, bins, or boxes.

#5 Deep Drawers can hold utensils in an upright position with customized bins. This means your spatula, forks, etc. can be easily put away and easily retrieved.

#6 There’s always room for your dish towels. Towels just never fit in the shallow drawers, do they?

#7 Deep drawers are big enough to hold your slow cookers, countertop griddles, and even your blender.

#8 Dinner plates can be stored on their edge in deep drawers with the addition of a plate rack insert.

#9 Deep drawers are big enough to store cleaning supplies, so you don’t have to go digging for them under your sink.

#10 Fancy glassware can be safely stored in deep drawers with the addition of simple separators.

#11 Deep drawers are an easy way to store stackable bakeware on its edge. It’s always difficult to pull the cookie sheets out from under the cake pans and pie tins.

#12 Hold your baking supplies in flour, sugar, or oatmeal bins for easy access when baking without cluttering your counter.

#13 You’ll never run out of room for plastic bag storage.

#14 Boxes of fine china and your grandma’s silver will fit in a deep drawer, no more digging them out of the garage storage once a year.

#15 A deep drawer can easily be turned into a child’s toy box for easy storage of a toddler’s playthings.

What’s your favorite thing to store in your deep kitchen drawers?

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