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Elegant Space and Privacy with French Doors

French Doors have been the epitome of elegance and class for several hundred years now. And with Krosswood Satin Privacy Glass option you can enjoy the beauty and open feel of a full door window and keep your privacy in a bedroom or studio setting.

The Psychology of Space

Confined spaces cause strain on the human psyche. Astronauts, submarine seamen, and others who work in confined spaces go through years of training to deal with the mental strain and physical challenge that small spaces demand. Small living spaces in your home can also cause mental strain. That doesn’t mean small spaces can’t be utilized, but it’s important to ensure that the space includes light, and windows or doors to bring a larger outside space in.

Multi-Use French Doors

For a homeowner looking to remodel a small existing space or build a new one, including French Doors can give the illusion of a larger space, and create an opening that links two rooms together. This provides the opportunity to use the space privately or as part of a group.

Master Room

Privacy glass French doors are perfect for a master bedroom and bath, particularly if the entrance is directly off a living space. The elegance and open quality is both inviting and beautiful, turning a simple doorway into the first step to comfort and peace for a homeowner. With the privacy glass, the doors can be used as is, without adding curtains or blinds. This creates a clean, stylish look that goes with any décor.

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