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kitchen trends

Is it time to update your kitchen?

What are the kitchen trends for 2017?

If you walk into a house that has never had its kitchen renovated, you probably have a good idea when the house was built. Every few years, kitchen cabinet trends change. The materials change, the style changes, and the design changes. Kitchen trends change at least annually, but you can update the most used room in your house by changing a few things.

When you are planning a kitchen reno, you probably want to be the start of a trend rather than the end of a trend so you can keep your kitchen looking current, even a few years after your renovation. But pick kitchen elements that you love rather than ones you think will stay in style since you are the one looking at it!

kitchen trends


White Kitchens

White cabinets never really go out of style. The design may change, but a white kitchen will never really look out of date. Today’s white kitchens are sleek and contemporary, with shiny white subway tile backsplashes and slick engineered countertops.

Gray Kitchens

The gray trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Cabinets are painted various shades of gray, such as mushroom, dove, and greige makes for a calm space. In addition, any color cabinets with gray painted walls make your kitchen look up to date.

Black Kitchens

For those who are edgier, black or espresso colored cabinets are very trendy right now. Combined with metal accents and sleek backsplashes, a black kitchen is great for those who like a dramatic look.


Originally islands looked like an extension of your kitchen cabinets, but recently they moved towards looking more like a piece of furniture. With the island set upon legs rather than directly on the floor, islands became more of a centerpiece to your kitchen. Now islands are becoming even more of a focal piece as designers are making them out of interesting materials such as marble. Staining or painting the island a different color is also a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  

Open Concept

Open concept living areas have been a trend for quite a few years, and now it’s trending in cabinets. Using open shelving is becoming more prevalent, with simple shelves housing dishes and drinkware.

Mix natural woods, paints, and metals

Mixing different textures is a way to make your kitchen stand out. Polished nickel and chrome mixed with various different woods make your kitchen stand out. Add a beautiful arch top alder wood door to your pantry to really make a statement.


Lighting in your kitchen is going away from bold and returning to pretty and delicate lighting in various materials and textures.

kitchen trends


Kitchen Trends

If your budget won’t allow for a full kitchen renovation, think about adding a few of these elements to update your kitchen. Adding new lighting or a couple of open shelves will make your kitchen look fresher and more contemporary. Kitchen trends are more sleek and contemporary than ever. 

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