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Choosing the Best Color for Your Front Door

There are a variety of types of Krosswood to choose from and if you are going to go with a painted door, color choice is not as hard as you may think. Simply going with your favorite color might work but there is a major factor to consider, the style of your home.

The style of your home is going to affect what color looks good on your front door. There are classic choices of colors for different styles of homes:

1. Colonial Home


Black, red, dark green and Uniform blue are the top 4 choices of door color on a colonial style home. Stick with simple and basic colors for this style of home.

2. Country Home with Porch


Depending on the color you have chosen for this style of home you will need to consult the color wheel for this.

3. Contemporary Home


Colors for this type of home can be wild and bright or very sophisticated and linear.

4. Rustic Log Home


This type of home is more natural looking and would do well with a wood door but if you are looking for a little pizazz then choose a painted door in a good dark, rustic color (consult the color wheel).

5. Craftsman Home


The color wheel will be your friend in this selection color choice. All custom built craftsman homes are different and it all depends upon your overall outside color paint choice.

6. Victorian Home


The color scheme for this type of home is rich and elegant. Your choice should highlight the front door and make a statement. Victorian homes are not subtle; they are bold and ornate so color choice here can make a loud statement.

7. Spec or Tract Home


If you live in a HOA spec home area make sure you do not paint your front door a loud and obnoxious color that all of your neighbors will dislike. Choose according to the theme color of the homes in your neighborhood. A complimentary color will be more likely to fit in and please the neighbors.

Use the color wheel when selecting the perfect color for you front door.


You can choose 4 different ways using this color wheel:

1. Monochromatic-choosing different shades of the same color

2. Analogous- colors found side by side on the wheel

3. Contrast- 3 colors spaced evenly apart on the color wheel

4. Complimentary- 2 colors opposite each other on the wheel

Having a painted front door puts that final finishing touch on the overall curb appeal of your home. A wisely chosen color will draw the eye into the best part of your home for a lasting first impression.

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