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Hot Doors This Summer

Summer trends for your front door are bright and vibrant colors. One of the great things about purchasing a door from is that you can buy a colored door from their House to Home Collection of fiberglass doors. Here are more details about the House to Home Uber Doors Collection:

Colors To Choose From


This new collection brings five beautiful, bold, and brilliant door colors; Festival Green, Surfer Blue, Confident Yellow, Mandarin Orange, and Real Red. If you’ve imagined painting your door for that extra added pop to your home, you can look no further. With so many colors to choose from you will be able to find a color that works perfect for the front door of your home.

Styles To Choose From


Uber Doors offers so many styles to choose from you will find the right door to compliment your home. A fiberglass two panel top rail arch door is a classic style that will work for almost any traditional home. A much more modern looking style is achieved with the fiberglass horizontal seven light sticking door, because of it’s symmetrical window design. The fiberglass 6 light craftsman door adds light to your entryway while adding color to your home. You can achieve a retro look with your front door when installing the five square lite center door or the fiberglass five square lite off-centered door.

Benefits of Fiberglass

Fiberglass is a strong material that will protect your door from wear and tear. The colors used for the Uber Door fiberglass House to Home Collection will resist fading giving your years of enjoyment of your front door with little to no maintenance. Fiberglass has come a long way over the years and is one of the preferred choice for door materials because of it’s resilients and reasonable cost.

Year Round Enjoyment

Even if initially you wanted to purchase a new door to add color to your home this summer it can be enjoyed year round and through the holidays. Pick a color and style of door that you love, and it will make it enjoyable to come home no matter what the season.

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