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One-of-a-Kind Door Knockers

Most new homes have a door bell, some even have a unique jingle that plays, to let homeowners know when a guest has arrived. But what if you’re looking for something unusual for your entrance? If you’re looking for custom hardware to go with your custom door, you can’t get much better than a one-of-a-kind door knocker. They are old-fashioned, add a touch of whimsy and class to your door, and can be a great statement about the people inside the home. Here are just a few of the clever designs available.

Victorian Hand Knocker

This is an old-fashioned style door knocker that has been around for over 100 years, yet still manages to be fun and unique.


Florentine Protector Knocker

This is a door knocker found on an old door in Florence, Italy. It looks a little like an out-of-sorts gnome. This one might be a good way to scare someone away.


Natural Minimalist Knocker

This door knocker, with simple, clean lines and a natural stone combines the best of old fashioned style with modern sensibilities.


Honeybee Knocker

This “sweet” door knocker would be perfect to complete a country cottage look.


Seaside Creature Knocker

This brass lobster makes an artistic statement for a seaside home or nautical theme anywhere. It manages to be both fun and classy at the same time.


A Touch of Romance Knocker

This delightful little door knocker is the perfect welcome home for a newlywed couple buying their first home.


Railroad Tie Knocker

This door knocker is perfect for a railroad enthusiast or antique collector. Made from an antique railroad tie this makes a simple, but solid statement.


The Lair Knocker

If you want to warn your guests that they are about to enter the dragon’s lair, what better way than with a dragon’s head door knocker.


Reptilian Replica Knocker

This door knocker, from Cartagena, is a life-size version of a lizard. If you’re a hobby herpetologist this might just be the choice for you.


Equine Entrance Knocker

This classic, horse-head door knocker would be perfect for a country estate or western home.


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