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The checkerboard floor trend is blossoming into one of the coolest trends of 2023 — and we suspect heading into 2024. Surprisingly, this classic design element can be incorporated into any interior design style you can think of!

We'll show you examples to use as inspiration, as well as the history of the checkered design to show you why it is, indeed, a big deal.

Black and white checkerboard tile floor in a bright room with glass French double doors

Photo: design by roman and williams | photo by yoshihiro makino | via architectural digest

What style is checkered flooring?

Checkered flooring (or checkerboard flooring), is modernly used in French country or European cottage design, but its use has extended far into the past before our single-family homes of the 21st century.

We recognize pink and green checkered tile in a kitchen to be the quintessential American 1950s diner, but what about a few thousand years earlier than that?

Cottage dining table with wood paneled walls and ceiling and a black and white checkered floor

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We've researched the trends that are going to be everywhere in 2024.

We love these interior and exterior designs because they incorporate plenty of elements you might already have in your home. And exciting news, if you already have a front wood door, you're ahead of the trends!

Included is a variety of 2024 home designs that will fit most style preferences, so we hope you find inspiration to help you get started on your upcoming home improvement project. Enjoy!

European Cottage

Color palettes inspired by nature

European cottage with Dutch Door

The European cottage home features earthy, cozy palettes with splashes of color. Raw materials from nature such as stone, metal, and wood are the basis around which the romantic interior is built, with light-colored walls and clean lines to offset the darker natural colors.

An exterior or interior Dutch Door, featured in the beautiful nature-inspired home above, goes well with any Craftsman or country cottage design.

Exposed stone, gothic details, plenty of wood, and natural, rustic materials will help you incorporate this look into your interior and exterior design.

If you're interested in a Dutch Door to transform your home into a fantasy European cottage getaway, check out our Knotty Alder interior and exterior wood and glass Dutch Doors Collection here.

Contemporary Farmhouse

Country charm gets a modern makeover

Contemporary Farmhouse wood, velvet room

Farmhouse design has been such a common theme in the last few years that it has started to blend into the background. Luckily, 2024 is bringing an industrial twist with minimalistic lines, darker walls, and raw exposed wood.

White and cream still reign supreme in most Modern Farmhouse design, but darker accent pieces, funky art, and beautiful rustic wood are eye-catching elements that will bring your home into the modern world.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Contemporary Industrial Farmhouse home interior

Looking for raw wood doors to update your sophisticated Modern Farmhouse or Contemporary Farmhouse design? Check out our gorgeous collection, including black stained doors, here.

Modern Craftsman

The Arts and Crafts movement has been revived

Traditional Craftsman-style homes feature low ceilings and are known for their solid construction and dark, moody interiors. Let's keep the wood, and bring in the light because these interiors are much more open and airy than in the past.

Craftsman Bungalow with wood and a-frame ceiling next to a window with books

White, sage, or lavender paint helps to highlight the gorgeous wood trim details and keeps the interior fresh. Installing wainscoting (or wall paneling) is a classic craftsman detail that will bring your walls to life.

 Modern Craftsman Exterior with wood beams and a Craftsman Wood Door

Need a front door replacement? Check out our Craftsman wood doors here, or our Modern wood doors here to complement any Midcentury or Craftsman home.

Which one of these 2024 home design trends do you love or hate? Do you have any predictions for the upcoming year? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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