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What's the Big Deal With Checkered Tile Floors? | Krosswood Doors

Photo above: designed by Jean Stoffer Design

The checkerboard floor trend is blossoming into one of the coolest trends of 2023 — and we suspect heading into 2024.

Surprisingly, this classic design element can be incorporated into any interior design style you can think of!

We'll show you examples to use as inspiration, as well as the history of the checkered design to show you why it is, indeed, a big deal.

Black and white checkerboard tile floor in a bright room with glass French double doors

Photo: design by roman and williams | photo by yoshihiro makino | via architectural digest

What style is checkered flooring?

Checkered flooring (or checkerboard flooring), is modernly used in French country or European cottage design, but its use has extended far into the past before our single-family homes of the 21st century.

We recognize pink and green checkered tile in a kitchen to be the quintessential American 1950s diner, but what about a few thousand years earlier than that?

Cottage dining table with wood paneled walls and ceiling and a black and white checkered floor

Photo: Style by Emily Henderson

Because of its timeless utilization, from ancient Egypt and ancient Rome to the Freemasons Lodge today, checkered flooring is considered to be part of the Classic design (aka Traditional design) style. 

William Shakespeare even mentions the symbolism of the black and white checkered floor in Hamlet, completed in 1601, to symbolize the duality of the inner self's battle between good and evil.

A weathered ancient Roman colosseum with checkered floor

Photo: Walter Martin, 2021

Ancient Romans adopted the checkered tile floor in black and white, featured in the weathered amphitheater above, but also in lavishly patterned marble stones. Several of these Roman floors have been unearthed in London and Southern France, like the colorful one featured below.
Ancient Roman tile in colorful hues being unearthed by archeologists

Photo: Image © Bertrand Houix, Inrap


How to Incorporate a Checkered Tile Floor

Seating area with French Doorsl, wood table, and black and white checkered floor

Photo: Cassandra Lavalle https://cassandralavalle.com/ 

Black and white checkered floor in a bright glass window entryway with wood beams and painted wood doors

Photo: design by bobby mcalpine and ray booth | photo by pieter estersohn | via architectural digest

Black and white checkered tile floor works well in most entryways, kitchens, and anywhere where you can expect a lot of foot traffic from guests and family members. It hides everyday grime and is easy to clean.

The best thing about the black-and-white design is that it adds a level of sophistication to a room that transports all within to a more elegant time —when chess games were played in high-ceilinged, elegant estates.

 Checkerboard kitchen in the country Farmhouse style

Photo: Design by The LifeStyled Company

This blue checkered dining room is the perfect example of a French country cottage or sophisticated Farmhouse.

The intricate chandelier and checkered marble floor upgrade this interior from Rustic to chic grandeur, with little change to the room's entire decor.

A dark green wall next to an arched doorway leading into a mudroom with checkered flooring

Photo: Design by Light and Dwell

The small cottage bungalow space seen above incorporates a lot of current trends that we love to see, such as an arched doorway, dark green walls, and a black and white diamond-checkered mudroom.

The white marble of the countertop ties together with the floor to perfection. Mwah!

Want to incorporate one of the French doors featured in the photos above? Our French Glass Knotty Alder Wood Doors or French Glass MDF Interior Doors are a timeless design that goes well with a checkered tile floor.


Checkered Tile Variations

Cubed checkered tile floor in a warm wood kitchen with skylights

Photo: Rachel Whiting

The kitchen above includes a creative twist on the black and white checkered floor in the shape of cubes!

The green marble backsplash and warm wood of the cabinets, oven hood, and chairs give this room the color it needs to offset the neutral-colored geometric flooring.

 Wood paneled entryway with a wood door and tan checkered jute rug

Photo: revivalrugs.com

Don't want to redo your entire floor in the checkerboard tile pattern? We don't blame you — that's a lot of time and money. Instead, try out the trend with a rug.

We love the subtle tan checkerboard pattern of this jute rug from Revival Rugs, placed in a contemporary entryway with plenty of wood and glass to go around.

Red and white checkered tile floor in a European cottage home entry way

Photo: BC Designs


You can also use checkered flooring to zone a specific space based on its function, like a dining room, kitchen, entryway, or bathroom.

The red and white checkerboard tile in this entryway is the perfect example of revitalized checkered tile that will last for generations.


Teal painted cabinets with a dark brown and white checkered tile vinyl floor

Photo: harveymaria.com

Is that vinyl flooring? Why yes it is, I'm glad you asked. New vinyl linoleum is not your parent's linoleum from the 70s. It is far more durable and realistic looking, and you can achieve a beautiful tile-like appearance without spending a fortune.

The chocolate-colored tile kitchen above, from Harvey Maria, is sure to assuage any doubts you have about modern linoleum.


Checkerboard Pattern Anywhere and Everywhere

Blue and White checkered tile on a bathroom wall beside a white tub

Photo: design by john stefanidis

Maximalist design with checkered chairs and a framed art wall

Photo: design by kelly wearstler | via heart for wander

Checkered tile design can be used almost anywhere, like the simple blue and white tiled wall in the bathroom above; or on the opposite end, embracing the maximalism trend in a room filled to the brim with beautiful treasures and framed artwork.

A red checkered blanket placed on the back of a chair featured below adds a fun pattern with a pop of color into the traditional European cottage home.

Traditional room with a fireplace, framed art, and red checkered blanket over a chair


We hope you enjoyed the very doable trend of checkerboard pattern flooring, and find ways to incorporate it into your own home. What do you think of the look? Do you love or hate it? Leave us a comment below!


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