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Fun Door Facts

Did you know that the deadbolt technology that keeps you safe at night was actually invented over 4,000 years ago? Or that automatic doors were first used over 1,800 years ago? You might welcome the Queen of England to walk through your door, but the House of Commons in England figuratively slams the door in her face every year. Keep reading for more fun door facts

Oldest as Stonehenge

In 2010, excavators found this door near Zurich, Switzerland. Scientists estimate that this poplar door was first crafted about 3063 B.C.


Ancient Deadbolt Design

Modern day deadbolt locks are based off of an ancient Egyptian pin tumbler lock design. This design first appeared around 4,000 years ago.


Automatic Doors in Ancient Greece

Hero of Alexandria was an engineer credited with inventing many steam powered devices, including the first automatic doors. These doors opened when the priests of the temple burned incense, creating steam, and opening the door.


No Kings in the Commons

In the English House of Parliament, the Queen may go anywhere except the House of Commons. It has been tradition since 1642, when King Charles I attempted to arrest several members of the House of Commons, to slam the door in the face of a representative of the reigning monarch’s face as a show of independence from the sovereign.


Largest Doors in the World

The largest doors in the world are found at NASA. At 456 ft. tall they are tall enough to allow rockets and space shuttles to pass through them on their way to the launch pad.


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