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Perfectly Spooky Front Doors

The season of tombstones on the front lawn, ghosts hanging from the trees, and gigantic spider webs spanning the front porch has arrived. Is your Colors Collection Front Door ready? Before you know it little trick-or-treaters will be arriving looking for candy and you want your entryway to greet them with a flair equal to the fun of the holiday. Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity.

1. Mummy

This is a classic look that never gets old. Add a giant pair of googly eyes for an extra bit of fun.


2. The Bride of Frankenstein

Frankenstein’s monster is always a great Halloween look, but the Bride of Frankenstein is a fun alternative.


3. Message in Red

This is sure to creep out any Halloween visitors. A message written in red paint, with a red handprint below is just about as spooky as it gets!


4. Happy Monster

This grinning monster will have your guests grinning right back!


5. Three-Dimensional Décor

This look can be accomplished with dollar store leaf garlands and 2 foam pumpkins. The look is fun, classy, and for anyone who doesn’t want to go any spookier than the word “Boo!”


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