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White Cabinets Time Tested and Still Timeless

White cabinets. They occasionally go in and out of style in trendy homes and apartment remodels, dark wood and bold colors may put in a showing now and then, but designers continually come back around to that pale shade no matter how far afield they may roam. With an easy online purchase of white cabinets from, you too can have this classic style installed to update your space.


Why White?

Two words come to mind when you consider white cabinets: clean and fresh.

Ready-made cabinets were first available in the 1920’s and 30’s and only one color was readily available: white. But homeowners weren’t frustrated by a lack of color choices. However, homeowners weren’t frustrated by this limitation, rather they were happy to have something so clean and sanitary looking. After coming through a worldwide influenza epidemic and with tuberculosis still a major disease, sanitation was a huge concern. Homeowners didn’t want a home that just looked tidy, they wanted it to sparkle with cleanliness.

Though we don’t fight too many deadly viruses in our kitchens these days, white cabinetry still feels clean.


Many house flippers say that the kitchen is the room that sells the home. For homeowners looking for an investment that pays off, white cabinets are a smart option. White appliances outsell all others, and consistently comes in as the favorite cabinet color.

If you want to get your money’s worth out of your remodel, stick with the simple, universal white.

Good Vibes

According to color therapy, white is a color that gives off positive vibes to the people who view it. It is often associated with innocence, happiness, and purity. Those are great emotions to inspire in a kitchen!

White is also a bright, light reflecting color. This makes it ideal to open small spaces. Even tiny kitchens can make a big statement with bright, white cabinetry and personalized decorations. As the ultimate neutral shade, white can complement any other color you choose. Do you love lime green? Go for it on that wall! Is orange your go to shade for a punch of color? It looks fabulous with white.

Does it All Have to be White?

Choosing white cabinets doesn’t mean that everything else in your kitchen needs to be white as well. Stainless steel appliances look great with white cabinetry. Pairing white cabinets with a dark toned countertop makes an attractive contrast. White cabinets let you go with strong colors for your window treatments, cookware, and accent pieces.

For a fabulous kitchen, you can’t beat white!

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