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Customized Door Finishing

Have you been considering custom doors for your current home construction or remodeling project? If you have, then Krosswood is the place for you. Getting the perfect, custom finished door for your home is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step #1 Selecting Your Door Style

The style of your doors, both interior and exterior, makes an important statement in the overall style of your home. Are you wanting an aged, rustic look or a more sleek, sophisticated décor? Arched top doors or Craftsman? Here are some of your options:

1. Arch Top

This classic door style is a variation of a Shaker style door. Clean lines and classic style make this a good choice for almost any home.

2. Craftsman

This design is an American classic and has been in demand for almost a century. With a focus on beautiful lines and functionality, this design gives a feeling of stability and strength.

3. Lighted

Are you wanting to allow as much natural light in as possible? Lighted doors are the choice for you, with windows in varying sizes to make room for the view outside your walls.

4. French

This beautiful door style adds a continental feel to any home. Whether used inside or outside, French doors make a high-class statement in a home.

5. Mediterranean

With the addition of wrought iron finishing touches, and speak-easy windows, these doors are reminiscent of Italian courtyards and old-world romance.

6. Rustic

For the perfect western home, there is nothing better than rustic doors. Each one unique, each one showing off the natural beauty of wood, these doors are as untamed as the mountains.

7. Square Top

This door, reminiscent of Mission-style décor, is beautiful in any setting. The beautiful, clean lines, and deep wood finishes complement any space.

8. Barn Doors

This classic, but current trend in interior door style is adding creativity and beauty to homes across the nation. Easy to use and space saving, these doors will be popular for generations.

Step #2 Measure Your Door

This is the most technically important step. There are three basic measurements that are essential to get right.

1. Rough Opening Width

2. Rough Opening Height

3. Wall Thickness

To ensure that you get these measurements follow the guidelines provided here, or have your contractor do the measuring for you.

Step #3 Customize Your Door

Krosswood offers a wide range of customized options once you’ve decided on the door style you prefer. From their custom website, you’ll be able to choose the stain for your door, distressing options, glaze, and custom hardware. These options combine to make truly one of a kind doors for your space.

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