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In Love with Barn Doors

Barn door has become a term used for almost any type of door sliding on a track. They have been called track doors, sliding doors and rail doors too. Different than pocket doors, barn doors slide on the outside of the wall and close to cover the whole entrance area, which creates many advantages over pocket doors.

Some people claim that the popularity of barn doors these last few years is just a trend, yet perhaps it’s because they are an option that has become more readily available to use. There are now so many more styles and options for barn doors and barn door hardware that more people are choosing them for their home as an alternative to the mundane or ordinary door. Unlike trends, Barn doors tastefully used are timeless. Using barn doors in your home truly comes down to personal preference.

Here are some reasons why we are in love with barn doors!

1. They can be used in so many ways and add architectural interest to a home.

2. They have a stunning look, especially in the right place.

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3. They are practical for wall space, opening the floor space of the room they’re in.

4. Their design solves a lot of spacing problems in an area where you would like to utilize more floor space like this narrow hallway.

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5. They are a great alternative to pocket doors being much easier to install and maintain than pocket doors.

6. They create a great opening to a transition space, like from kitchen to dining room, or bedroom to bathroom, etc.

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7. They look great in an industrial loft living area.

8. They can be used for practical purposes or solely decorative purposes, like wall decoration.

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9. They look fabulous in an unexpected setting.

10. They can add a contemporary look with country accents which is a very appealing style.

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11. They serve a two-fold function of privacy and design without taking up extra room or having to worry about plumbing, electrical, or vents on the wall.

12. They work well to open a long and narrow space, like this master bathroom.

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13. They have a charming yet dramatic appeal and sometimes even mysterious!

14. They can be used to increase mobility into a space for moving large items or for wheelchairs.

15. They can be used to mount a flat screen TV onto so it can move. This TV was mounted on a barn door so it could be moved when they put their Christmas Tree in the corner. All the wires were mounted in slides on the back so the door can slide as necessary.

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16. They can complement a rustic look, or contemporary with nickel or chrome hardware. The classic style can be used with hardware that matches the wall it is on.

17. When installed correctly, there is no gap and they slide smoothly with minimal noise.

18. The barn door sliding hardware can be used for more than just doors: bookshelf, windows, headboards, mirrors, and baby gates can become sliding doors just to name a few.

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Barn Door Locks

There are ways to lock barn doors from a simple hook and eye latch on the inside, this Teardrop privacy lock, this privacy this lock from reclaimed lumber products, and other options and styles you can search on line for as well.

Are you in love with Barn Doors too?

Search our Barn Door Collection for many different styles that you can customize by size, wood treatment, finish, and hardware to bring that timeless charm into your home or remodeling project.

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