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How to incorporate Barn Doors into your Interior Design

How to incorporate Barn Doors into your interior design

Doors were once simply a utilitarian object in your home that allowed for security or privacy. That’s not the case any longer. As home owners expect every element of their home to match their design, the decor options have increased, including for doors. You can buy doors in a variety of materials and styles, all of which can complement your home's decor and ambiance. One of the most popular styles is a barn door. The barn door is a door that slides on a rail system. It may not lock, but it can close completely for privacy. Barn doors have become popular recently in both traditional and contemporary homes. The sliding door adds texture, functionality, and charm to any home. Although barn doors were originally placed in more rustic homes, the design works in all types of homes due to the wide array of materials used in the construction. Barn doors can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, reclaimed wood, MDF, and glass. Wood is the most popular but painted and glass is a great option for more contemporary homes. They can be added to any room in your house as long as there is room to slide the door open.

Barn Doors

We found some great design examples of barn doors. Using a barn door to close off your pantry is a great design element. It covers up your groceries, but also adds a unique feature to your kitchen. In this example, the rustic doors are matched by the wooden sign above it. barn doors


A boring entry point becomes an interesting barn door for this child’s bedroom. The wood tones work nicely with the wall paint color and the wood floors. barn doors


This white bathroom is hidden by this fresh and contemporary barn door. The painted door matches the sleekness of the white floor and walls, and the sliding door saves on floor space. Barn doors are a great resource for corner rooms that are close to another door. barn door


A traditional looking barn door looks great in this classically styled room. The warm wood door matches beautifully with the creamy walls and wood floor.



Space Needed

In order to add a barn door into your interior design, you need the wall space to the left or right of the door so it can slide open. They are a great option for rooms that have less floor space but more wall space.

Barn doors can be traditional or contemporary. Find the style, color and material that fits the character and space of your home. Uber Doors barn doors come with all of the hardware you need to install your new barn door. Check out our selection here.

Do you have barn doors installed in your home or are you looking for some design ideas? Share your favorite barn door style in the comments below.

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