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How to save money on your heating and cooling by making sure your window and doors are sealed to the elements

The cost to heat and cool a home is high and getting higher every year. You can move to a more temperate climate, but that's not usually a workable solution. You can also create a tighter seal in your windows and doors which improve your home's energy efficiency.

energy efficiency


Caulking and weatherstripping create a barrier for the heat and cold that might affect your home's energy efficiency.

If you have a draft around your windows, you might be able to caulk the frame to seal the leak. You generally apply caulk in three places: around the window trim, at mitered joints of the trim, and between the trim and frame. You should use a nontoxic, indoor latex caulk.

In order to apply the caulk properly, clean the area first so that you get rid of the dust and old paint or caulk. You then caulk any gaps between the window and wall.

Weatherstripping keeps the rain and snow out of your home by providing a barrier. Often made out of foam, it's a simple do-it-yourself project to attach weatherstripping to your windows and doors.


Close the blinds and curtains

In hot months, an uncovered window can let in heat and make your home several degrees warmer. The heat forces you to turn up your air conditioner if you have one or suffer through the heat if you don’t.

Closing your blinds or curtains keeps the heat from entering through the windows by providing a barrier for the sun. This increases your house's energy efficiency and keeps your cooling costs down.


Close windows

Similar to keeping your blinds closed, shutting your windows and doors during the heat of the day will keep your home cooler. When the sun goes down, open up the windows and doors to let some of the cooler evening air into your home.


Install a storm door

Storm doors provide the second element of protection for your exterior doors. Recommended for older doors, storm doors add a second seal for any outside doors, which cuts down on drafts. Storm doors are especially helpful in environments that have a high wind factor.


Install new doors and windows

If you’ve tried everything else and you still have too much heat and cooling leaving your home due to poor sealing, you may have to purchase new windows and doors. This is especially true if you have single paned windows or doors that don’t fit properly in the door frame.

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energy efficiency

Change out your sliding patio doors for French doors

Sliding patio doors are one of the worst types of doors for energy efficiency (source) due to their lack of insulation and poor seals. The weatherstripping breaks down over time, creating a seal that doesn't do the job. Properly installed French doors can provide the sealed barrier that you need to keep your energy costs down, while still allowing access to your back yard. You can find a great selection of French doors here.

Energy Efficiency is as simple as making a few changes

The hot weather is coming so the spring is a great time to do a few renovations or projects in your home in order to improve your home's energy efficiency.

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