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What are the "in" colors for 2017?

Every year various companies come up with their color of the year. They study trends and watch what’s going on globally to come up with a single color that resonates with people.

There is no shortage of thoughts on what’s up and coming in the color world. Pantone, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams are some of the most respected for interior design trends. Just remember that ultimately your color choice has to be your own style. There's no sense in choosing a color that you hate or that doesn't go with the rest of your decor.


Pantone’s Color of the Year is a highly secretive color that is voted on by a group of industry leaders. Pantone is arguably the best-known company for the Color of the Year, and they make it a big deal.

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How does Pantone come up with their color of the year?

Leaders in such industries as fashion, pop-culture, technology, music, travel, and weather look for what’s currently making news throughout the world in order to come up with a short list of emerging trends. Midway through the year, representatives meet in a secret location in Europe to debate and discuss the color of the year for the following year.

The Color of the Year for 2017 is Greenery

Pantone picked Greenery “to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment” (source). Greenery helps to rejuvenate and revitalize while connecting with nature.

Greenery is a bright and refreshing yellow-green that is found in scenery such as lawns and plants. It’s a calming force in a whirlwind world.

Greenery is one of nature’s neutrals and it goes nicely with the grays and browns that are common in today’s decorating.

How to use in your own decorating

Greenery is a great accent color for your home. Use with plants, pillows, or throws to add a bit of color to your otherwise neutral room.

Benjamin Moore

Unlike Pantone, who picks colors for decor, fashion, and other trends, Benjamin Moore picks a color of the year based upon home decor trends - specifically paint.

The Benjamin Moore color of the year for 2017 is Shadow (2117-30), a dark and enigmatic purple. Shadow goes nicely with the gray trend in home decor that has been popular for the last few years.

How to use in your decorating

Shadow looks fantastic as an accent wall or accent piece. It draws the eyes to the moody color. It is also a suitable paint color for a bedroom or dining room.

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Sherwin Williams

Similar to Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams picks a color of the year based on painting and home decor trends. The 2017 Sherwin Williams color of the year is Poised Taupe (SW6039).

According to Sherwin Williams, Poised Taupe is a relaxing and calm neutral that celebrates the lack of perfection in most of our lives.

How to use in your decorating

Poised taupe looks great in any room. It pairs nicely with Greenery or Shadow to provide a neutral background.

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What do you think about the various options for color of the year?

Are you interested in adding them to your decor? If so, how are you going to incorporate colors of the year into your decorating? 

Ultimately, anything you put in your home has to match your decor. You have to put what makes you comfortable, regardless of what's trendy today.

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