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Does your front door need some care after the winter?

It’s spring; the weather is warming up and people are getting outside to enjoy the warmer weather. Many of us are doing some spring cleaning and getting rid of the accumulated winter grime. In your quest for a beautiful and clean home, don’t forget your exterior door. As the portal into your home, your exterior door is one of the first things visitors see. Make sure their first impression is a good one by giving your exterior door some love.

Winter is hard on your home, with wind, snow, and ice wreaking havoc on the condition of your house. Your exterior door takes a beating during the cold winter months.

exterior door


Clean your exterior door

Sometimes all you need to do to make your door look better is to give it a good scrub. With warm, soapy water, clean the door inside and out. Get inside the door jam to get the dirt that might be lying in the corners.

If you have a window in your door, clean the dirt, fingerprints, and accumulated grime using a window cleaner and a lint-free cloth.

You can clean lock sets and handles with a brass or steel polish to make it shine.

If you have a wood door, clean it with a soft, lint-free rag and make sure you wipe in the direction of the grain.  

Maintain your exterior door

Take a look at your door: does the lock work well or is it seizing up?  Clean around the lock and handle set, getting rid of any dirt that may be hiding in its crevices. You can take the lock off and clean it - or replace it completely with something that is more attractive.

Check the weather stripping to make sure it’s still fully attached after the winter wind, snow, and ice - if it’s falling off or seems worn out, you can replace it for under $100. Weather stripping is important for ensuring the air doesn’t escape your home, so don’t miss this crucial step.

If you have a wood exterior door, check the condition of the wood - you may have to stain the door if the finish has worn off. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for refinishing a wood exterior door.

Replace your exterior door

If all else fails, you can replace your exterior door. You can get a new door that is well sealed, secure, and attractive. Getting a new exterior door increases the curb appeal of your home, and it can provide a more secure environment for you and your family. 

If you're planning on getting a new exterior door, ensure you pick the right materials for your new exterior door.
Your door is one of the first things people see as they walk or drive up to your house, so it's worth investing the time and money into making it look as good as possible. With a little work, you can get it looking like brand new.

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