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Crazy Looking Doors from Around the World

Front doors tend to be the focal point of a home. Most doors are built for function, but there are some that were built mainly for style or entertainment. We’ve compiled a list of interesting doors from around the world for your entertainment and to remind you of the diversity we see in the doors in various parts of the world. Which door is your favorite?


This is an old double door and stone wall of a house in a street in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France. The contrast between the rounded archway and rectangular door frame along with the contrast of the white brick and red door makes this door impossible to overlook.


France appears to be full of crazy doors. This metal exterior entryway set between two stone pillars in Paris offers a look back at the past and a quick glance towards the future.


This door from Greece appears to be sporting an interesting knocker. Regardless of the reason for the chair being placed on the door, the wood tones with the blue door and white walls make for a delectable color palette.


This intricately designed entryway in Moscow, Russia features a solid wood door, and is framed with patterns of vibrant colors that draw your eyes into the carved designs in the wood.

These are just a few of the eye-catching doors of the world that you might stumble upon while you travel. Explore our collection of diverse doors at and see how you can improve your entryway’s style today.

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