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Hot Color Trends for 2016: Front Door Edition

It happens every spring. We have been spending our days on Pinterest looking up ideas and DIY projects to make up for our lack of time spent outdoors and we finally hit upon the perfect new project for our home. We don’t want to go through the time and expense of a total remodel but we really want to spruce things up a bit. We consider pouring a new stamped concrete path, or maybe experimenting with one of those intricate pebble paths we saw on a cool gardening blog, or maybe we’ll try turning the dilapidated backyard shed into a magical reading retreat. And then we see it. So SIMPLE. So EASY. The PERFECT pick-me-up DIY project. We discovered that we could buy brand new doors online and spice it up with a shot of amazing color.

What could be easier? A new door, a new color, a whole new look without building permits, sawdust, and remodeling debris. But how do you know which color to choose? If you have a palette you already love and a theme you want to follow it can make your choices easier. But if not, try taking the advice of Pantone, the leading name in all things “color” for over 50 years. These are the top 10 “it” colors for 2016 and WOW! are they gorgeous!

1. Rose Quartz


“Rose Quartz” is the first color of our new palette. Pink long ago moved out of the nursery and into the realm of high-fashion and power. This beautiful, dusky hue is no exception. Do you have roses blooming near your front door, or other shrubbery that creates a bower to your entrance? Then you could pull this shade off beautifully.

2. Peach Echo

“Peach Echo” is reminiscent of summer evenings watching a sunset over a lake, eating popsicles with your best friend, and the blossoms you loved from your last tropical vacation. This laid back, restful member of the orange family will have you feeling like you’ve left on another vacation every time you get home.

3. Serenity

“Serenity” is such a gorgeous color it just might be the first time you decide you want to feel blue. It’s the dreamy color of a cloudless summer sky. It’s as beautiful as the pale blue of the shallow ocean off the coast of Greece. It’s as gentle and welcoming as the tender wildflowers that grow along back country roads. This color will have you feeling that you’ve gone on a permanent holiday to a magical place.

4. Snorkel Blue

“Snorkel Blue” is Navy blue’s easy-going brother. This color will remind you of sun drenched summers with your feet swinging over the end of a boat dock, toes trailing in the cool water. You’ll be ready to pull up anchor and set sail into relaxation and peace when you walk through a front door this color.

5. Buttercup

“Buttercup” is fun, friendship, carnivals, and joy all bundled up into a gorgeous color. Yellow is the color of excitement and good times. Need a front door that will welcome you home with a smile and make you grin to match it? Buttercup is the color for you!

6. Limpet Shell

“Limpet Shell” is the color of beach-combing happiness. You’ll want to roll up your jeans, slip off your shoes and wade right through your front door. With a happy color like this to greet you every homecoming will feel like a spa day.

7. Lilac Gray

“Lilac Gray” strikes the perfect balance between modern style and natural welcome. The slight hint of pale purple adds an elegance and gentility to the clean gray that speaks of penthouse living, Broadway nights, and high-class living.

8. Fiesta


“Fiesta” is red’s younger, free-wheeling, salsa-dancing sister. This is the color of dinner parties out under the Japanese lanterns, steaks on the grill, and hot peppers growing in the back garden. With this color to greet you at your front door every day is a celebration!

9. Iced Coffee

“Iced Coffee” is reminiscent of mid-morning meetings with friends to chat over all the plans, dreams, and goals you’re working on. This is the perfect “welcome home” color for friends and family alike. This is the color for the treat-baking, cocoa drinking, all-season homeowner. This laid back shade of brown is the perfect backdrop for anyone who loves to add seasonal decor to their front porch.

10. Green Flash

“Green Flash” is the color of eternal youth, vigor and optimism. This is the color of hills waiting to be hiked, fields waiting to be run through, and trails ready to be run. This is the perfect color to greet the homeowner just coming back from a morning run or an afternoon soccer match. Such a bright, happy color can inspire everyone in the home to enjoy the outdoors more and bring that energy and freshness inside with them when they return.

Which color will you choose for your new front door?

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