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Could Your Front Door be the Key to Leaving Your Worries Behind?

It’s happened to all of us at least once. We walk into the kitchen with a load of stuff in our hands, glance at the stuff, glance at the room, and wonder what in the world we are doing there; having completely forgotten why we came and attempting to decipher our intentions from the clues in our hands. We start worrying about early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, alien abduction, or just chronic forgetfulness but the truth is actually something very simple. We walked through a doorway. As you’re searching online to order the perfect custom doors for your own home perhaps you should consider the scientifically studied power of a door.


The Doorway Effect

In University of Notre Dame studies, researchers found that forgetfulness increased when an individual passed through a doorway. Even with no other changes in situation or circumstance, an individual tasked with moving an item from one table to another was more likely to forget what the item was if they had to pass through a doorway in order to reach the new table. This psychological phenomenon is referred to as the “doorway effect.” It is a common enough occurrence that we laugh about it, comment on it regularly to one another, and pass along memes mocking it on Facebook.

There isn’t an explanation yet as to why this happens, but we know it does. According to the studies it didn’t seem to matter if the study subject tried to concentrate harder or pay better attention to the item they were carrying through the doorway. The forgetfulness persisted.

We know it happens, we know there isn’t much we can do to stop it, but have we ever thought of capitalizing on it?


A Doorway to Relaxation

Knowing that a doorway will naturally cause a little bit of forgetting once it’s passed through, it gives a homeowner the chance to turn the entrance to their home into the doorway to a haven of relaxation. With a little imagination and a quality door, the entrance to your home can turn from just another way of forgetting into a portal of peace in the midst of a busy and sometimes hectic life. Consider the things that make you and your family happy. Do you love the rustic mountain woods? Do you long for Mediterranean retreats? Does the French countryside call to you? Choose a door to your home that reflects those feelings of enjoyment and the simple act of walking through your front door becomes a relaxing event.

Once inside you can mimic the rustic, provencal, or Mediterranean theme throughout your home with interior doors, window treatments, furniture, and other elements of interior design. The feeling of relaxation and happiness you introduced at your front door can be strengthened and supported by every interior doorway you walk through and by the items you surround yourselves with.
Do yourselves a favor, give yourself that gift of relaxation, embrace that happy element of human psychology that allows us to drop the worries of the day at a doorway and find the happiness you’re looking for right behind your own front door.

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