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Cool Hardware for Your UberDoor

If you’re looking to build or remodel your home, you want it to be beautiful, well-made, and stylish. But you also want to make sure you stay on budget and you know how important it is to choose your building supplies wisely. One way to ensure that you get both style and economy is to choose a high-quality, pre hung exterior door at an affordable price, like the ones you can find at Krosswood. Then add custom made or unique door hardware to dress up the door. This tactic, or spending money on the details, is what gives a home the designer look we’re all hoping for.

Here are some ideas for unique door handles and hardware to give you a stand-out finish to your home.

1. Handshake

This clever design by Naomi Thellier de Poncheville takes the perfect “everyday” object and turns it into a quirky, modern design. This doorknob can greet your friends before you do.


The “nice to meet you” door knob. Image from

2. Aspen Leaf Hinge

This gorgeous door hinge would look beautiful on a Knotty Alder front door. It looks like something out of an Elven kingdom.

Beautiful statement hinge. Image from

Beautiful hinge. Image from

3. Hang Forged Vines

Have you included a wine cellar in your new home? This beautiful door pull with have you thinking of beautiful vineyards.


Vine door handle decor. Image from

4. Retro Gas Pumps

If you love the look of antiques or collect classic cars, this is the perfect door handle for you.


Man cave door handle. Image from

5. Six Shooter

If you’ve built your home on the range, or even if you’re just longing for one, this door handle replica of an old west necessity, a handgun, is sure to impress and inspire your guests.


Genuinely unique rustic door handle. Image from

6. Saguaro Surprise

Do you have a wonderful home in the desert Southwest? This unique door handle can show off how much you love the area you live in.


Southwest decor: Cactus door pull. Image from

7. Full-door Vineyard

What if a small grape vine door pull just isn’t enough? What if you want to make more of a statement? This outstanding full-door, wrought iron masterpiece will have your guests thinking that they’ve entered a Tuscan vineyard estate.


Wine cellar door grape vine grill. Image from

8. 13th Century Celtic Replica

This elegantly simple design is a replica of the door handles found in the Castle Rushen on the Isle of Man. This design dates back to the 13th century and now, over 800 years later, can still add amazing beauty and medieval flare to your very own castle.


Iron lever door handle. Image from

Which one of a kind door hardware will you choose for your UberDoor?

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