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Outdoor Lighting To Enhance Your Home

Creating the right effect with your outdoor lighting can add beautiful curb appeal for any time of day and night. There are several options to select from that will highlight any of the custom doors you choose from Krosswood. Here are a few suggestions for spectacular outdoor lighting:

Porch Light


The lighting on your porch is some of the most important lighting for your home. Not only is it necessary for safety reasons but it also can set the mood for when guests arrive and adds beauty during evening hours. Finding the right lighting is critical to enhance the front of you home. Make sure you have enough light to fill the entire porch without being overbearing and choose lightbulbs that radiate a warm and inviting feeling.

Walkway Lights


Lighting up a path to your home is lovely way to enhance the front of your home. Now there are so many options with solar lighting that you can place the lights and never worry about them again. It is important to choose walkway lights that are durable for outdoor use, especially depending on where you live and the weather that they will have to endure. Make sure to space them far enough apart to give a nice visual appeal, but not too far that they don’t help illuminate the path properly. There are modern walkway lights, traditional lights, and many in between. Choose something that compliments your home.

Landscape Lighting


One of the best ways to improve your curb appeal, especially at night is to use landscape lighting. Most landscape lighting is solar powered these days and very affordable. Find 3 to 5 plants or other type of vegetation in your front yard that deserve some attention and spotlight them. Another great way to do this is by adding walkway lights in flower beds, by bushes, trees, and even in potted plants.

Lamp Post Lighting


Adding lamp posts to your front yard can add a visual appeal during the day as well as night. You can create a very beautiful and classical look with lamp posts, and depending on the style you choose there are also lamp posts that have a modern twist to them. Use lamp posts to light a path, define an area, or flank a drive way.

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