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Which Door is Best to Accommodate a Screen Door?

Warm weather is fast approaching and along with the warm evenings comes the desire to open the front door and let the fragrance of the growing green grass and sound of songbirds. The feel of those warm evenings is wonderful, but If you have a pre hung exterior door on your home you’ll want to look twice at your screen door options. The addition of a screen door may necessitate an entirely new front door too, as some doors simply aren’t suited to a screen.

Here are some things to consider:

Storm or Screen?


Storm doors used to be a common addition to most homes. They guaranteed that rain and wind were kept out of the house. With the newer, more efficient doors being built these days there is often no need for the extra expense of a storm door, with one exception: they double as a screen door. Storm doors are now more of an artistic statement than a functional addition, with cut glass, stained glass, and beautiful wrought iron options available in varying sizes.

Steel Door Difficulties


Many steel doors are not made to accommodate screen doors, some going so far as to void the warranty if a screen door is added. Be sure to read your warranty information thoroughly before installing the screen door of your choice. The reason for this is that a storm/screen door can cause heat build-up between the outer and inner door and cause the baked on paint to peel. While this peeling won’t affect the security benefits of the door, it will affect the cosmetic beauty of your door.

Double The Flow


Double doors and French doors make a beautiful and bold statement for a home, but can prove to be more difficult when adding a screen door. If you are currently building a home, it would be a good idea to look at your options and decide if they will fit the look and feel you want for your home. If you decide on utilizing a screen door option there are some beautiful doors available that provide both airflow and security. The benefit to a double front door is that you’ll have twice the airflow into your home. In warmer areas of the country this can be an excellent addition.

Retractable Screen Doors


Most people who invest in beautiful wooden doors hesitate to cover them with a screen door, even the ones with little obstruction to the view of the door. An option for those who don’t want to cover up their beautiful entryway woodwork are retractable screen doors. This option functions more like a window blind than a traditional door, but can allow for airflow without compromising the look and feel of the door.
No matter what style of door you choose, you can find a screen door to fit your needs. Ask one of the experts at Krosswood for a contractor to help you in the decision making and installation of your new door.

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