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Are French Doors Really From France?

One of Krosswood most popular seller is the Shaker Style French Doors, but is a French door really from France? Americans like to call a lot of things French that don’t necessarily come from France, like french fries and french toast. So we don’t always trust that an item called “French” actually depicts the actual origin of that item. In the case of French doors it is true, the name can be traced back to a time when they were developed in France.

Influenced by the Renaissance


Renaissance architecture had a large influence on the development of the French door. Early designs of the French doors were thought of first in Italy. Frenchmen who were involved in the Italian Wars were inspired by the Renaissance styles of the country and started to think of new ways to approach architecture and art. This was the catalyst of thought that led to the earliest French door.

French Windows


Palladian French windows (doors). Image from buffaloah.com

Homes relied on natural light before electricity was made available. This made “French windows”, the original name of the French door, popular because the French saw the benefit of how much extra natural light they brought into their homes. These early French doors were also very beautiful to look at along with how much light they could add to any room in which they were placed. With the new Renaissance architecture movement in France a greater emphasis on symmetry and light was established which helped make French doors a desired feature in any home or building.

The Transition of French Windows to French Doors in America


As French windows spread to the continental US, Americans started calling them French doors, because the use is much more like a door than a window in the United States. Americans consider French doors one of the most aesthetically pleasing interior door choice for their homes. Because of the added architectural design and the natural light they supply they are ideal for those who are remodeling or building a home. French doors can look very traditional and there are new designs that make them modern. Now with several different materials and finishings French doors can be custom built to fit any home.

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