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Mediterranean Style for Your Entryway

With doors as beautiful as the Mediterranean style custom doors offered by Krosswood, you’ll want to add them to your own home and create a look that reminds you of the beauty, style, and history of those far away lands with their sunny hillsides and deep blue seas.


The Mediterranean area is multicultural, elemental, and warm. The rich textures of North African bazaars, the colors of Italian vineyards, and the tiled outdoor spaces are all drawn into the Mediterranean style. Because of these broad options, this style can easily be personalized to suit the tastes of any homeowner, but to maintain the integrity of the style there are certain elements you’ll want to include

Focus on Living Outside

The Mediterranean is blessed with mild weather, breezes wafting off the sea and over the homes of the inhabitants, and gardens lush with the fragrances of herbs and flowers. To mimic this element in a home entryway, be sure to include a seating area near your front door. Make it a welcoming enough space that people know it’s not just a token porch chair, one that no one ever really sits in, but one that you can’t wait to get back to with your favorite novel in hand.


Consider choosing a brushed metal chair or bench frame, similar to those found in the Mediterranean gardens.

Landscape Colors-Warm Hued

The most common colors used in Mediterranean styles are those found in the landscapes of the area. Gold, olive green, blue as deep as the Aegean Sea, and the dusky purple of grapes in the vineyard.


These colors can be introduced in the entryway with vividly colored planters and trailing plants. The deep, rich colors of natural plants are inviting and create a warm welcome even before guests have a chance to ring your doorbell.

Multicultural Decor

The Mediterranean Sea spans a large space and has been linking cultures together for thousands of years. These cultures have drawn inspiration from one another during this time and all have benefitted by this sharing of styles, patterns, and art. It is totally appropriate to have a Grecian urn alongside a Roman style plant stand.


Or perhaps a Moroccan woven rug beneath a heavy Spanish garden bench. Incorporate elements from multiple cultures in order to capture the integrity of Mediterranean style.

Dark Metal Elements


Mediterranean homes incorporate a great deal of dark metal in their decor. Heavy candle sconces, decorative metal on the door, architectural sculpture on the walls, and beautiful garden gates all fit into a Mediterranean entryway.

Textural Surfaces


Quite often, the homes in the Mediterranean utilize simple colors to great advantage by pairing them with an elaborate texture. Stucco, heavy plaster, and terracotta are common elements. It is just a little rough, shows the “formed by hand” workmanship of whomever built the home, and creates varying depths of color in your walls and planters.



Tile is used everywhere in Mediterranean homes; the roof, the floor, the walls of kitchens and baths. Many are decorative in nature, having elaborate patterns inspired by elements in the natural world: leaves, and flowers. A homeowner can utilize tile to set off a door, the floor of an entryway, or in a house number sign.

Mediterranean style is a beautiful decor style for the modern family. It can inspire a busy family to slow down just a little bit when they come home, to set aside some of the stresses of daily living, and just treasure the time you have with your family.

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