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The Perfect Plants For Your Front Door

Whether your door is traditional, modern, or you have an Uber Doors rustic front door, creating the right ambiance of your front entry way can really enhance the overall look and feel of your home. Here are some of great ideas of plants that add just the right touch:



Click for tutorial from Creatively Southern

Having a natural looking wreath, either with real plants or fake plants can give your door a very inviting feeling. Eucalyptus wreaths are a great choice because they are long lasting and give off a delightful smell every time someone walks by. Also, grapevine wreaths are a durable choice that give a very rustic addition to any door. During the holiday months having a live pine wreath is the perfect touch that adds aromatic effects creating a very welcoming feeling for any guest. Currently the small yellow leaves of the forsythia add such a beautiful color to any door during the spring and summer months. Remember if you have double doors for your front door to get two wreaths, one for each door. It is also important to note that many people hang their wreaths too high, make sure to keep them eye level in order to enjoy them to their fullest.



Click for Diy Spiral Topiary Tree. Image from

Flanking a front door with topiaries is a traditional way to add plants to a porch setting. Usually topiaries are used in pairs and are often done in a sculpted design. These are a good option for traditional home, but now there are so many types to choose from any home design can benefit from them. Make sure to choose the correct style and size for your home, consider taking a picture of your home and adding in different types and styles virtually before purchasing the plants.

Potted Plants


Not only beautiful plants but planters also. Click to see styles of planters. Image from

Adding potted plants to the front porch and more specifically the front door area is a great way to create an inviting and fragrant element. Choosing plants that do well in your climate is essential in being successful with keeping the plants alive for a period of time. In hot and dry climates opt for succulents which are hardy and can last year round. For climates that have all the season you will need to redo the pots each spring. Look for ways to add both height and color to the pots that will compliment your front door.

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