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Choosing a Front Door Color to Match Your Home

With the warmer weather upon us, many homeowners are thinking of ways to spruce up the look of their homes. Many are thinking of adding a new pre hung exterior door, some are putting in a new watering system for their lawn, and some are rolling up their sleeves to repaint their house. If you’re thinking of going with a new home color this year, here are a few guidelines to make sure that your front door looks it’s best when you’re done

How Do You Choose a Color?

There are several things you should ask yourself before you make your final color choice.

  1. What doors have you seen that you really love? This gives you a starting point to know what you like best
  2. Is your home paint theme monochromatic (several shades of the same color), analogous (colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, e.g. blue and green), contrasting (colors which are spaced evenly around the color wheel, e.g. orange, purple, green), or complementary (colors which are opposite of one another on the color wheel, such as orange and blue)?
  3. What style is your home? Craftsman, Victorian, and Post Modern home styles will all call for different colors to “go” with their look.
  4. What purpose does your door serve? You use it to enter the home, that’s a given, but what do you want it to do stylistically? Do you want it to be an eye-catching area or do you want it to be blended with the rest of the home?

Best Choice Color Combinations

Once you’ve established some of those basics you can look at some color options and decide which speaks more to your personal aesthetics and lifestyle.

Monochrome Magic

This turquoise and gray masterpiece is just lovely. The ornate windows surrounding the door, the highly textured cedar shakes on the walls, and the door itself demand a simple color scheme. This is an instance when paying close attention to the style of your home can make a big difference in the overall look. A color scheme more elaborate than this and the look could go from classy to “clashy” fast.


Analogous Awesome

This home used green, yellow, and burnt orange in a beautiful mix that is reminiscent of a stroll through an autumn wood.


Contrast Curb Appeal

A contrasting color theme can be one of the most eye-catching and memorable color combinations out there. This mix of a warm yellow with a cool blue is a blend that adds life and beauty to this front porch area.


A Complementary Classic

The Craftsman style of this doorway is begging for a bold color and the this complementary mix of orange and sage green delivers in a big way. A brightly colored door is a wonderful way to add your favorite color to your exterior home decor.


Color Tip:

Painting your whole house and front door is a big investment. If you’re not sure about the color yet, why not try one of the small sample paint sizes now available at most home improvement stores? Try out your color combo on a small area of the house not visible from the street. Look at it every day for a few days to see how it feels to you before committing the time and resources to painting your entire home. This will give you a chance to get your color combination just right.

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