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Decorate For Independence Day

One of the great American traditions is decorating for Fourth of July. Because there are very few holidays through the summer months, and Independence Day is such an important holiday to our history it deserves extra attention. Here are some great ways to decorate any of your Krosswood, front porch, and your yard for this festive occasion:

Use Flags



Using the American Flag is a great way to decorate for this festive occasion. You can choose to line your walkway with American flags that stick in the ground, hang a traditional flag on a flag pole connected to your house, or use flag inspired luminaries. You can find small flags that can be used in potted plants or stuck in wreaths on the door at most discount stores for around a dollar. Also, painting a flag on refurbished wood or pallet and setting it on your front porch adds a great weathered and rustic ornament to any home.

Red, White, and Blue



Finding ways to incorporate patriotic colors such as red, white, and blue is easy. Think about planting your flower beds or pots with these colors. Having flowers that are red, white, and blue is a beautiful, elegant, and subtle way to show your true colors. Create a red, white, and blue star garland to hang from the front of your home. You can also use material this color to drape around banisters and hand rails to add to the spirit of the day. Think about replacing the pillows on your front porch chairs with more Fourth of July inspired ones.

Door Hangers



Create a wreath for your door with flag embellishments, wrapped in flag material, or a wreath completely made out of stars. You could also paint a wood sign to hang on the door or the side of the house that has a meaningful saying such as “Home of the Brave”, “Let Freedom Ring”, “Land of the Free”, or “U.S.A.”. You can also consider creating a banner to hang above your door that has red, white, and silver tassels hanging from it.

How ever you decide to decorate this Independence Day finding special ways of remembering and appreciating our freedoms is what makes that day special.

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