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Get Ready For Your Door Being Delivered

After you have picked out the perfect 24×72 pre hung door for your home, and you’ve done all the measurements and have successfully ordered your door it is time to get ready for your door being delivered. Although you might get things delivered to your home often a door being delivered is going to be a different experience. Having a door delivered will take planning and preparation more so than an ordinary package being delivered.


Things You Need to Know

When ordering a new door you will receive very specific instructions from the shipping company that will be bringing your door to your home. You will need to contact the delivery company to set an appointment, make sure it’s an appointment you can keep. Let the delivering company know of anything they should be aware of when trying to make a delivery, like if you live in a gated community, or if it is difficult to locate your home because of living in a remote location. Remember you are on the same team and want the same outcome, so try to be as helpful as possible to the delivery company. If you end up missing the appointed time of delivery that you set up it might result in additional fees. You will also want to have someone home with you who can help to carry the door. The person you choose must be strong enough to help you lift it, another adult who is able bodied should be sufficient. Doors can be very heavy, so having the extra set of hands is necessary.

When Your Door Is Delivered

When your new door finally arrives it will be very exciting. Remember you need to inspect the door before you accept delivery to make sure nothing was damaged during shipment. Finding out immediately is the best way to have the situation remedied. Don’t let the delivery company leave until you have looked over your door and double check the measurements of the door. Once you’ve signed for the delivery it makes the situation much more difficult to get problems fixed. Have a friend there to help you carry the door, or be ready to tip the delivery driver if he offers any assistance.

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