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Magical Doors

Since we were children we’ve been reading stories of magical doorways that have led lucky children and adventurers into magic worlds and gardens. Many of us lay awake at night dreaming of finding just such a door and being whisked away to fight dragons, save damsels, kiss a prince, or conquer an evil wizard. Now we build real-life happily ever afters behind our own magical pre hung exterior door, but sometimes, after a two day Middle Earth movie marathon, we can be forgiven for dreaming just a little of those magical doorway dreams.

Here are a few magical doors that have entranced the hearts of children and adults from around the world.

Auntie Em’s Front Door-The Wizard of Oz

When Dorothy rode the tornado all the way into Oz, movie goers gasped in wonder when Auntie Em’s front door opened onto the Technicolor wonder that was Oz. Flowers, yellow brick roads, and Emerald Cities shone out in sharp contrast to the black and white scenes of Dorothy’s Kansas home.


The Wardrobe Door-Narnia

Lucy Pevensie climbed into an old wardrobe to hide from her siblings, as they played games in an English country mansion, where they had been sent to avoid the London Blitz during WWII. She found much more than the old fur coats she first encountered. The wardrobe was a magic door to the world of Narnia, where fauns, witches, talking animals, and the magnificent Aslan, a talking lion, led them on wonderful adventures.


The Door of King Tut’s Tomb-Valley of the Kings

This real world door was as magical as any make-believe door has ever been. Discovered in 1922 by British archaeologist, Howard Carter, it remained as pristine as the day it was sealed over three thousand years earlier. The treasures and immaculately preserved burial chamber was a find that has fascinated the world ever since.


The Hidden Door- The Secret Garden

When little Mary Lennox loses everything she knew in the world to a plague in India, she is sent to Yorkshire, England to live with an unknown and disinterested uncle. Through a series of chance discoveries, Mary comes across a hidden little boy, a lost key, and a hidden door into an overgrown garden. This classic book, about all that is possible if you work hard and believe in something, has been inspiring children and gardeners for generations.


The Doors of Durin- The Lord of the Rings

“Speak Friend and enter”, one of the most classic lines from both the book and the Movie “The Fellowship of the Ring”, the first book of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, has inspired welcome mats, door knockers, and doorways since the work was first published in 1954. Sometimes it isn’t how much me know that opens doors, sometimes it is simply the friendships we recognize that allow us safe passage.


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