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A Fiberglass Fiesta!

The newest front entry offerings from Krosswood, called House to Home Collection, will have you salsa dancing with excitement every time you come home! The bright colors, quality construction, and ease of installation are sure to convince you that yes, it is definitely time for a new pre hung exterior door.

Why Fiberglass?

The technology of fiberglass doors has changed drastically over the last few decades. Where they once had the look of a bathtub in your entryway, they now have the look and feel of real wood, without suffering the same wear and tear and warping that wood can sometimes be susceptible to. They also outlast their steel counterparts, because of their natural resistance to rust.

For many modern homeowners, fiberglass is the option of choice because of the durability, longevity, affordability, and beauty. Take a look at these options and you’ll see for yourself why these are a beautiful option.

Arch Top


This lovely door is all about a bold color statement. The solid door, with its classic arch topped panel will take center stage in your entryway.

7 Lite


This gorgeous door will light up your entry with its beautiful colors as well as with all the natural light it will bring into your home.

5 Square Lite Off-Center


With just the right touch of asymmetry in its uneven number of windows set to the side of the door, this exterior door packs a punch with its avant-garde style.-

6 Lite Craftsman


Could there be anything funner than a classic style, like this gorgeous Craftsman door, paired with such a fresh, modern color choice? This door will add beauty and vitality to your curb appeal.

5 Square Lite Center


We are in love with the color and look of this door. That Surfer Blue beauty, with the lights to let in the warm summer sunshine has us ready to enjoy every minute we spend at home and welcomes us back from vacation with just the right touch of style.
Which new door will you choose?

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