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Curb Appeal Tips

The first impression of your home is usually made when pulling up to your home. Your home’s exterior, or curb appeal, which includes the front yard, driveway, sidewalk, front porch, and front door is what makes up the total of your home’s curb appeal. When reading uber doors reviews you will know it’s the best choice for a new door. Here are some other ways to improve the overall look of your home’s exterior:

Take a Fresh Look


Act like a stranger when pulling up to your home and try to look at it through fresh eyes. You will notice of what needs replacing, fixed, cleaned up, or maintained. Look at your home from all angles and both during the day and night, this will clue you into the areas that need the most attention. Also, enlist some friends or family to give a second opinion on what might need updating.

Clean It Up


The easiest way to improve the curb appeal of your home is by giving it a good cleaning. This means getting rid of cobwebs, sweeping, and even pressure washing might be necessary. Your roof should be looked at to see if it needs to be cleaned, along with shutters, and siding. Pull up weeds and remove any dead plants along with trash that might have gotten trapped in the shrubs.

Paint The Trim


One of the easiest and cheapest things you can do to spruce up the front of your home is giving a new fresh coat of paint on the door, shutters, and trim. Also, think about painting or replacing the numbers on your home, they are often looked at by visitors and are a small detail that can make a difference. Painting is easy and fast while making a big impact. Make sure you choose a complimentary color that goes with the rest of the house.

Add Some Plants


Look for places to add new plants or planters to your yard and front porch. Plants, especially colorful flowers, always makes a home more warm and welcoming. Adding solar lights to feature the plants at night is also a nice way to improve curb appeal even during the daylight hours. Think about plants that will blossom during different season, along with ones that look good year round and add a variety of colors.

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