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Shaker Style for Your Doors

Are you thinking about installing Krosswood Shaker style French doors in your home? The Shaker style is a classic, timeless look that will serve both function and beauty for years to come. If you’re wanting to include this look in your home it’s a good idea to understand the style elements of the Shaker look.


The Shakers were a religious group that formed in the early 1800’s with a focus on simple living. The Shakers believed that the physical surroundings of an individual had a tremendous influence on their happiness and spiritual well-being. In 1821 the leaders of the group published a set of written orders and laws that governed both behavior and architecture called “Millennial Laws”. This set of rules formed the basis of the style we now associate with the “Shaker” style of décor.


Shaker style is characterized by simplicity, functionality, efficiency, and symmetry. This distinctive style has been popular ever since.

Shaker Elements of Style


  • Simplicity- Shaker style is devoid of ornamentation, moldings, and beadwork. The focus is on very clean lines and basic forms. Within those clean lines they made the most of naturally occurring beauty such as wood grains and natural differences in wood coloring. Simple colors were used, where color was used at all. Red, blue, yellow, and a blue-green were commonly used colors in the Shaker palette.
  • Durability- Shaker style items were designed to function and last for years. Because they wanted durable items they typically focused on hardwood furniture and architectural elements.
  • Utility- Shaker style focused on items that were actually used. This style isn’t given to tchotchkes or knick-knacks. Baskets, shelves, chairs, chests and step stools are common household items that reflect a Shaker style.
  • Clutter-free- Because so much emphasis was placed on functional design and simple furniture, the idea of a “place for everything and everything in its place” thrived in Shaker communities. Even chairs, which we typically leave around a table, were hung up on pegs along the walls of Shaker communal buildings.

Creating a Shaker Look in Your Home


If you are going to go for a Shaker look in your home there are a few key items that are a must.

  • Ladder-back chairs- This distinctive style chair is as Shaker as you can get.
  • Natural Wood floors- Shakers used bare boards in their buildings, but for comfort you can go with a clear matte finish on natural wood.
  • Peg Rails- The Shaker’s liked to keep things off the floor. Consider installing a few peg rails in your kitchen and entryway to keep your floor clutter free.
  • Natural fabrics- The Shaker’s didn’t add throw pillows, but if you want to mix modern comfort with Shaker simplicity, use natural fabrics in neutral colors.

The beauty of Shaker style is in the clean lines and stress-free environment created by a clutter and distraction free space. Does just a little more peace and simplicity sound appealing? Then Shaker style might be just the thing for you!

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