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Krosswood Common Types of Door Knobs

Choosing your new front door may be a challenge, particularly with the beautiful line-up of choices available online from, but choosing a door knob can be even more difficult!


From the standard, plastic packaged sets on every home improvement store across the country, to custom made, artistic masterpieces, there are so many options it can boggle the mind of any homeowner. To help you narrow it down just a little bit, here are some of the basics you should know about door knobs.

Types of Hardware

There are two basic types of door knob hardware.

1. Door knobs

2. Locksets

1. Door Knobs

The term “knob” can be misleading because we typically think of the traditional round, protruding knob when we use that term. They all utilize the same mechanics to open the door and to keep it closed, differing only in how they are grasped and used.

Traditional Knobs


Traditional door knobs are usually round or slightly squared, can be locked or opened with a key, and require that the individual grasp and twist their wrist to operate. These knobs have worked well for many years, but those who suffer with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other joint problems can find them difficult to operate.

Lever Handles


Lever door handles work the mechanism of the knob by simply pushing down a lever. This type of handle is much easier to operate than a traditional knob while losing none of the safety factors. Lever type handles can still be locked and create as solid a latch as a knob.

Push Handles


Push handles are a fairly recent evolution in the door handle scene. These handles look almost as if they are simply placed on the door to pull it shut, but they actually include an unlatching mechanism which allows them to be pushed in slightly, opening the door. This is the most user-friendly door handle for anyone struggling with pain in their hands since it can be opened without using the hands at all.

2. Locksets

While door knobs are reserved for exterior door usage, locksets are primarily used for interior doors.

Passage Lockset


This type of knob is typically used for closets or hallway doors. The knob has no locking mechanism and turns freely. These knobs can also be used for nursery rooms and children’s bathrooms where being locked in might be a problem.

Privacy Lockset


Privacy locksets are used anywhere privacy is needed. Bathrooms, bedrooms, and home offices often require a privacy lockset. This type of knob has a locking pin or bar on one side and a small hole that can be used to open the door in the event of an emergency on the other.

Keyed Entrance Lockset


This knob can be used for either an interior or exterior use. These knobs can be locked or unlocked with a key on one side and a button knob on the other. This provides a greater level of privacy if used on an office or bedroom.

Dummy Locks


This kind of door knob more decorative than anything else. The knob itself doesn’t turn or latch, but is used on cabinet or closet doors.

Now that you know the various types of handles available to you, what kind will you put on your door?

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