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Modern Doors Around The Country

Creating a contemporary or modern feel to your home is heavily reliant on the door that you choose. Custom doors can add a lot of character and enhance the look and feel of your home. Here are some doors that can inspire you on your quest for a modern home:


This modern door is set it the dreamy Seattle area, and complements the water and wood that surrounds it. The door is described as an earthy contemporary modern door. The faux wood paneling could come across dated if it wasn’t done in such a seamlessly straightforward way.


Glass is an ideal material to create a modern element in a door. This modern door is made of large glass panels that makes the door both functional and beautiful. The door featured here could be a great way to create space in a home by providing a divider between areas, or it is a beautiful way to transition to the front or back yard.


What makes this door so revolutionary and modern is that fact that it is built to pivot to open and shut. The pivot on the door makes the function seamless and quiet, while adding a very unique architectural interest to the home. Adding glass to the pivot door makes the door seem like it almost doesn’t exist.


A barn door is usually not seen as a modern element in a home, as it evokes a feeling of country comfortable, but this barn door has a modern edge in it’s design. The sliding aspect of the door can be perceived as contemporary along with the interesting wood element and the way it depicts an artful element.


The bright colors, use of glass, and symmetrical design creates a fun and exciting yet contemporary door that would be perfect for a modern home. With the wide selection of colors in the Krosswood House to Home Collection any homeowner can find the perfect door to compliment their home.

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