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Stickered Doors: Vinyl Decal Décor and Front Door Care

Larger than life vinyl stickers have enjoyed quite a bit of popularity over the last several years with some even showing up on brand new uber doors krosswood knotty alder front doors. These stickers run the gamut from silly to sensational and can be a great way to personalize the look and feel of your home.

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Vinyl stickers, by their very nature, are not intended for long term use. Especially if you go with the less-expensive, lower grade vinyl that is commonly used for most indoor applications. This kind of vinyl typically has a matter finish, which people prefer since it most closely resembles craft paint, and only has a shelf life of 3-5 years if used outside. If you’re considering getting a sticker for your front door, here are some things to remember and some tricks to make it last longer and remove it more easily when you’re ready to change your look.

1. Be Debris Free

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When you’ve decided upon the perfect sticker design for your front door, make sure that the area you will be placing upon it is dust and debris free. You really only get one shot at placing the sticker correctly. Don’t waste your investment in vinyl by forgetting to clean it properly. Use a damp cloth to wipe the area, removing any stains or dust. Allow to dry then follow up with a spritz of alcohol based cleaner and wipe clean with a paper towel. Allow the cleaner to dry completely and your area is ready to go.

2. Protect from the Elements

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If your sticker is exposed to direct sunlight, rain, snow, and wind you’ll shorten your sticker life-span considerably. You can extend the life of your sticker by getting it cut from a higher grade vinyl, like that used for cars and exterior surfaces, or you can ensure that your front door is not overly exposed to weathering. A covered porch or trees can provide some protection.

3. Remove with Heat

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When you decide you want to change your sticker for a new design or you’re ready to paint your door with the latest color, you’ll want to remove it carefully. The best way to remove a sticker is to warm it first with a hairdryer. On the low setting, hold it close enough to the sticker to warm the vinyl (approximately 8-10 inches away) without causing the paint on the door to crack or peel. As the sticker softens, begin to peel it downwards from one corner and repeat with the remaining sticker elements.

4. Removing and Residue

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Most stickers come off without leaving behind a sticky residue, but occasionally the interaction of the sticker with the door paint or stain, the weathering of the sticker, and sun exposure will cause some gummy substance to be left behind. This can be removed with plain old rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball, or you can try cleaners such as Goo Gone. Make sure you follow the instructions on the cleaner so that you don’t damage your door.

Enjoy the fun of vinyl!

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