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How To Make Your Home Look Custom

One of the great advances in America was the opportunity for all families to have their own dwelling. Making housing affordable for most families came at the price of making custom homes, instead larger planned communities with a few variety of floorplans to choose from is now the norm. There are some great ways to make a home more custom by using uber door rustic doors, and here are some other helpful tips:

Exterior Doors

Adding a new exterior door to your home is the perfect way to make your home have a custom feel. Here are a few door options that would work really well:


There are brilliant colors to chose from that create a vibrant addition to any home. The doors come in several colors such as Confident Yellow, Real Red, Mandarin Orange, Festival Green, and Surfer Blue.


Knotty Alder Rustic exterior doors are a custom door classic and look great on any home.

Interior Doors

Creating a customized look by using interior doors is one of the best ways to upgrade throughout your home. Here are some excellent choices for interior doors.


Shaker Style Interior Doors are clean and modern, they add the perfect detail to make a house a home.


Knotty Alder Craftsman Interior Doors have classic elements that really improves the visual appeal of any home.


Adding the right baseboards to your home is a great way to make your home appear more custom. Picking something large and clean will make it look modern, or choosing a molding that has a few details will add a more traditional look. Make sure to paint the baseboards before you install them as they will make painting much easier. Keep the color of the baseboards light and fresh.

Crown Molding

Adding crown molding is the perfect way to finish off your home to make it look upscale and custom. There are several varieties to choose from that range from modern to classic.

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