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Beach Front Property Porch Décor

Ocean front property is beautiful and has a hefty price-tag to go along with it, but beach front door is easy and affordable for anyone. Start with one of the Front Door Colors Collection doors from in Surfer blue. The Horizontal 7 Lite door is particularly beautiful. That gorgeous blue door will set the tone for the rest of your porch.


White Furniture

With that beautiful blue door at your back, add a small grouping of bright white, wicker, Adirondack, or wooden slatted chairs to the porch. The brilliant white color is reminiscent of sunny, beachside resorts and cozy, seaside cottages. A small loveseat and two wicker armchairs or rockers make a comfortable ensemble.



The blue-green of turquoise will offset the deeper blue of your Surfer door beautifully. Try cushions of turquoise for your wicker chairs, or an arrangement of pillows in varying shades to add visual depth to your seating area. Look for a “Welcome to the Beach” type hand-painted sign at your local craft store in a bright, happy turquoise color.



The rough texture of sisal makes us think of old fishing boats throwing out crab or lobster pots, fishing nets, and weather-worn boats. Adding a touch of sisal to your front porch décor is just the right touch to have you and your friends imagining the smell of the sea. These sisal bowls can be filled with sand and seashells, bits of sea glass, or sunflowers.



Nothing says “seaside” like a collection of seashells. Whether you’ve been collecting shells since you were a kid, or just grabbed a bag of shells from your local craft store, you can create this DIY shell mobile and hang it near your front door for the perfect beach art.


Surf, Sand, and Sunshine

To complete your beachfront look you’ll need to add a few small touches. Candles dipped in sand, old, blue sea glass bottles filled with sand, a vase filled with sunshine colored blossoms, or maybe even an old surfboard leaning up in the corner of the porch will add just enough seaside ambience to make you feel like the beach is just down the block.


Enjoy your beach front property, right out your own front door!

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