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Northwood’s Cabin Porch Décor

For many homeowners, the dream of owning a second home, especially a cabin in the woods, is a pleasant thought. If buying that second home is in your plans but still a few years off, there are still a few things that can make your primary home feel like a vacation spot, without the huge expense. For the perfect cabin getaway, right where you are, start with an uber doors rustic front door, then begin to add several Northwood’s elements. With the right décor you’ll have your guests breathing deep, kicking off their shoes, and imagining themselves in the middle of a deep, dreamy forest.


Laid Back Adirondack

These Adirondack chairs, made of recycled materials and looking like they’ve seen a few years at the cabin, will give an air of age and classic American summer fun. These are just the chairs you expect to sink into after watching the local, little-league baseball game, finishing off a road-trip, or enjoying an ice cream cone with a sweetheart. The set a wonderful backdrop for your Northwood’s porch.


Repurposed Antiques

Northwood’s cabins have usually seen many summers. Lots of young campers, old fishermen, and long nights watching the stars from the front porch while loons sing on the lake. Repurposed antiques, turned into tables, planters, or chairs is a way to add age and memories to your décor. Nothing says “happy childhood” as well as an old red wagon. This wagon, used as a planter, adds a touch of whimsy and fun to your front porch.

uber_doors_rustic_Northwoods_cabin_Porch_Decor_Repurposed Antiques

Red Checks

Many summer cabins turn into autumn hunting camps, complete with old-fashioned percolating coffee pots, orange caps, and red and black checked jackets hung by the fireplace to dry and warm. To bring a little of that 1940’s hunting vibe to your porch add a few checked pillows to your Adirondack chairs.


Boat Paddles

The best part of a Northwood’s cabin is that beautiful blue lake right outside. You might not be able to add the lake to your front yard, but you can add a reminder of the water on your porch walls. A few decorated canoe oars will have you dreaming of warm summer afternoons on the lake or evening spent fishing for trout in a cool mountain lake.


Pinecones, Fishing Gear, and Bears

Just a last few touches will finish off your decorating scheme. To remind you of the trees add a few pinecones of varying sizes. To preserve the memories of fishing with a friend, hang a few fishing lures on the walls, and perhaps a stuffed bear to greet your guests.


When your front porch is completed, sit back with a friend and enjoy the feel of the woods all around you. It might just tide you over until you can finally get that second home on the lake.

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