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Find The Perfect Interior Door For Your Home

When designing your home or updating your interior style the type of interior door you choose is essential for creating the right aesthetic for your house. Krosswood offers beautiful inexpensive interior doors. Here are some great options to choose from:

Interior Barn Doors


Krosswood offers the latest style options in interior barn doors. Interior Barn Doors offer a very functional way to create a custom look. These unique Barn Doors are made in the USA and are very high quality, made with a solid core. Barn Doors work well in both large and small rooms. In large rooms they fit to scale, and in smaller rooms Barn Doors make sense for functionality.

Primed Shaker Interior Doors


One of the most popular door designs, Primed Shaker Interior Doors, remain a favorite because they are made of wood and have appeal for both modern and traditional homes. Krosswood Primed Shaker Interior Doors, made from dense fiberboards, are durable and resist humidity and heat which keeps them from warping.

Knotty Alder Arch Top Interior Door

Knotty Alder Arch Top Interior Doors_Krosswood

If you are looking for the perfect look and feel than the Knotty Alder Interior Door is a top seller because of the outstanding design. The elegant yet simple arch in the door is the perfect addition to any room.

Knotty Alder Craftsman Interior Doors


A classic, the Craftsman door works well in both modern and traditional homes. The ‘shaker style door’ has a wide range of selection that will look beautiful in a modern or traditional home.

Knotty Alder Lighted Interior Doors

Knotty Alder Lighted Interior Doors_Krosswood

Krosswood offers lighted interior doors that separate a living area and create separation of sound while keeping an open feeling through the home while increasing functionality. There are several options to choose from such as double doors or a single door with multiple colors and sizes, which will compliment any home.

Krosswood Knotty Alder French Interior Doors

Krosswood Knotty Alder French Interior Doors_Krosswood

French Doors add protection and insulation while allowing a way to separate space without closing off an area completely. Light is allowed to pass through French Doors creating an open concept with sophistication and style.

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