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Krosswood Craftsman Half-Lite : An American Tradition for Over a Century

The American Craftsman tradition, a design movement focused on simplicity, natural materials, and beautiful craftsmanship, began in America in 1897 with the foundation of The Society of Arts and Crafts in Boston, by a group of arts and crafts patrons. This movement was embraced and proliferated across America heavily through the 19-teens, 1920’s, and 1930’s. The aesthetics of the movement were ordered, restrained, and simple; the belief being that through simplicity of design the true artistry of craftsmanship and the natural world could be seen. Architecture, furniture, arts and crafts all took their cues from this movement and the beauty of ordered creativity grew. is keeping that tradition alive.

The Craftsman Door

One of the most popular design constructions of this time-period was the Craftsman style door which is still popular. The uber doors krosswood knotty alder Craftsman door is the perfect example of this style.


Never Out of Style

From the 1910’s until the present day this style of door, with its rigidly designed windows and straight lines, has been the epitome of strength and solid construction when building a home. Because of its simplicity it fits into the design of any style of home.

Whether stained and allowed to showcase the natural beauty of the wood, or painted to reflect the color trends of the day, the Craftsman Half-Lite Door is a homecoming that is as American as the sounds of a baseball game or the smell of warm apple pie. Millions of Americans have walked through the solid frame of a Craftsman door and been embraced by a grandma, a friend, or a spouse. And with the solid construction of Krosswood Craftsman Half-Lite, millions more will have the opportunity to participate in the same tradition.

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