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Making the Most of a Mediterranean Style Door

For centuries Mediterranean style has been the epitome of beauty, class, and wealth. From the terraced hills of Greece to the villas of Italy and the spiced air of Morocco, the siren song of that beautiful sea and the lands that surround it has been playing for homeowners and inspiring their dream homes. Krosswood offers a stunning array of Mediterranean inspired doors, available here on, that are beautiful enough to make you feel as if your home is over-looking the ancient Greek temples above the Aegean Sea or the hills and coves of Cyprus.


To go along with your beautiful doors there are some key décor principles you should follow to truly create a Mediterranean look in your own home.

Bold Colors


One thing that you’ll find in Mediterranean culture is a love for bold colors. It’s easy to see why when you look at the deep and varied colors of the sea, the rich vineyards of wine grapes, golden, sun-washed fields that run right down to the sea, and olive groves that cover the hillsides. From the earthy browns and greens to the variegated blues of a shallow reef, the colors of the Mediterranean are a focal point in their décor.

Lavish Textures


From the thickly plastered walls to the gold-edged elegance of tapestries, Mediterranean décor loves texture. It can range from smooth silk pillows to rough-hewn planks of a bench to place them on, so long as it is anything but boring.

Tiles, Tiles, Tiles


One common element of Mediterranean style is the use of colorful tiles for flooring, walls, and architectural decoration. Terra Cotta tiles were used for flooring and can be put to brilliant use as pavers leading to the entrance of your home. Brightly colored tiles, with stylized floral motifs in bold colors can grace front steps, windows, and even interior doorways.

Wrought Iron


Beautifully formed gates, window boxes, and decorative scrollwork are all elements that speak of old-world style. If your home has an enclosed courtyard, no matter how small, consider installing a wrought iron gate or trellis to give the feeling of an Italian villa.

Abundant Light


Mediterranean style is a celebration of all the beautiful things you can enjoy when you have plenty of sun, and they find ways to let as much sunlight in as possible. Windows by your front door, and plenty of windows in the rest of your home, invite the outside in and open up your interior to the natural light of the sun.

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