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Barn Doors: A Hot Trend for a Cool Style

Interior Barn Doors are one of the hottest interior decorating styles on the market today, and with good reason. For longevity, space-saving, and beauty they are hard to beat. Just look at some of the most popular remodeling shows on television right now and you’ll see barn doors used to open small spaces, create large spaces out of small rooms, and turn closets into micro-offices.


Our barn doors vary in size from 24″ wide up to 42″ wide.

Here are just a few ways to turn one of our Krosswood barn door options into a stylish statement.

1. The New Pocket Door

Pocket doors were a popular home option during the height of the Victorian era. It was popular to separate the formal dining room, parlor, and conservatory areas of a home with doors that conveniently slid into the wall itself. It saved space and allowed several small rooms to be opened into one large room for family and community gatherings.

Those same benefits are still evident in today’s modern use of barn doors. Barn doors between a small kitchen and dining room allow a homeowner to decide how much traffic flow they want to allow to pass through. Barn doors between a living room area and dining area can allow for a large dinner gathering in a space that might otherwise seem too large or two small.


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2. Corral the Kid’s Room

The “extras” of childhood are often a frustration for parents. Toys, bean bags, extra bedding, and Lego masterpieces still in the process of being built can clutter up a small space and keep a normally tidy room looking like a tornado aftermath photo. Using barn doors to create a Kiddie Corral, where the flotsam and jetsam of your kids can be held strikes a happy medium between creative play and contained mess.


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3. Home Office

There are more and more people who work from home these days, and most would like to have a home office rather than a dining room table that doubles as the home version of a cubicle. With a barn door, you have the option to turn a closet, spare bedroom, or even a built-in shelf into a micro office. Your computer, printer, fax machine, and business phone line can be at your fingertips but still out of sight.


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4. A Minimalist Library

This option is for anyone who loves to read, loves to have a large collection of books, but still wants to have a minimalist look in their home. Utilizing barn doors to cover up your home library shelves can give you a clean, tidy look in an area that might otherwise seem busy because of the varying heights, widths and colors of your book collection.


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5. Sleep Cubbies

Just like an old-fashioned train car, you can create a cozy, private sleeping space by using barn doors to hide a sleeping area. This fabulous idea can be utilized to great potential in any area large enough to design built-in beds. Grandma’s houses and ski chalets could house a large number of guests, and do it in style.


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